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Oxygen Advantage Australia

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Glenn Weinert Oxygen Advantage Instructor Australia

Glenn is a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor who works mostly in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. But he also runs workshops in the CBD’s of Sydney and Melbourne. Glenn has a metrics driven approach to breath coaching and tailors the approach to his clients based on their metrics and their desired outcomes. He works with elite level athletes, people seeking to improve their athletic performance, and with people who understand the significance of optimal breathing on health and wellbeing.


With his experience as a Project Manager successfully delivering multimillion dollar projects in the telecommunications industry, Coach and Educator Glenn partners with business owners and individuals to achieve tangible results. Glenn has found that his approach to delivering measureable results apply equally to improved breath performance as it does to coaching and business outcomes.


From a child hospitalised and resuscitated multiple times due to chronic Asthma, Glenn’s obsession with the importance of breathing saw him start running and he has since run serval marathons and a 100km Ultra. He has become a certified free diver, became a  practitioner of the Wim Hoff method, tried hypnosis to help his breathing, hired a diet and lifestyle coach and quit drinking and eating “inflammation” causing foods for over 3 months. Whilst all of these things helped a bit, the results considering the effort were mostly unimpressive. In 2017 Glenn took Oxygen Advantage training simply for his own benefit. Inspired and convinced that others could also benefit, he has since become an Oxygen Advantage instructor, trained by Patrick McKeown.


Glenn is passionate about continual learning, and he finds the best coaches and thoroughly tests what he learns before sharing it with others.

Mark Williams, Oxygen Advantage Instructor Australia

Mark has represented Australia in Free diving, has 15 years experience teaching Hatha yoga, and has practised meditation for 10 years. 

Mark is passionate about breathing, breath holding and how this relates to high states of human function and potential.

Mark is a Buteyko and Oxygen Advantage practitioner and loves teaching others how to exceed their health and athletic potential

mark williams