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Oxygen Advantage Slovenia

Kasper-AnderssenEla Hudovernik

My name is Ela Hudovernik and I come from Slovenia. I completed my Oxygen Advantage Instructor Training in October 2017. I have always had a passion for sports, so I decided to take it to a higher level by developing my expertise on the right way to breathe, how to incorporate sports activities into everyday life and of course, how to optimize one`s nutrition to achieve lifelong health.

As a student of Biochemistry, I understand that the Oxygen Advantage technique is highly science-based. Its basic principles are vital for achieving better sports performance and more importantly, for improving one`s general health. I have been experimenting with exercises from the Oxygen Advantage© Program and have already made significant progress in terms of my own training, namely being able to nose –breathe all the time during the Ljubljana marathon I attended this year. My plan is to continue to develop my skills as I begin to teach the Oxygen Advantage Program in Slovenia.

Upcoming Masterclasses in Slovenia

Attend an Oxygen Advantage® Masterclass with Janez and Ela

Wednesday 14 March 2018

9:30am- 5pm

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Tel: 00386 (0)4 576 9550