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Oxygen Advantage® Instructor Training Final Steps to Certification


Certification is complete upon successful completion of exam and case studies.


Please download this document and save to your computer. After you are satisfied with your answers, please Email directly to The purpose of the exam is to determine how well you understand the theory and practice of the Oxygen Advantage technique. Where possible, keep your answers to one or two lines. A suggestion might be to complete each section soon after you study each module.


Format for the case studies is very simple: 500-800 words on word document, describing client (age, health, BOLT to start). Work with client for 4-6 weeks restoring to nasal breathing and integrating OA exercises into training routine. Document progress and any setbacks along the way. Describe how you deal with them. Test for BOLT score weekly and at the end of training. Did they wear the tape at night etc.

You will need to submit a (brief) case study on a word document for each client you work with and the results. The clients (5 in total are required) can be friends and family. You should work with them as outlined over a 4-6 week period to track progress.

Word document with 5 case studies to be sent to Patrick at who will review and give feedback by email.
Case studies may be submitted with exam or after submitting exam (for example submit exam first and then work on case studies).