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Oxygen Advantage Australia

Glenn Weinert

Glenn is a Sydney based Oxygen Advantage certified instructor. Through his business Functional Breathing™ Glenn offers training, workshops, presentations and masterclasses which teach and demonstrate the Oxygen Advantage™ method.

Glenn firmly believes that breath education and a basic understanding of metrics are critical to optimising wellness. He shows his clients how slight intentional modifications to their breathing can and does have significant impacts on their health, stress levels and general wellbeing.

As a child Glenn was hospitalised many times due to chronic asthma. His obsession with the importance of breathing has led him to run several marathons, become a certified free diver and pursue education in the benefits of many breathing modalities.

Glenn works with elite level athletes, businesses and “normal” people who are seeking to improve their athletic performance and overall health.

If you would like to work with Glenn to improve your health or performance then please make contact.

Mark Williams
Sunshine Coast

Mark has represented Australia in Free diving, has 15 years experience teaching Hatha yoga, and has practised meditation for 10 years.

Mark is passionate about breathing, breath holding and how this relates to high states of human function and potential. Mark is a Buteyko and Oxygen Advantage practitioner and loves teaching others how to exceed their health and athletic potential.lliams, Oxygen Advantage Instructor Australia

Julien Billaut
Penrith, NSW

Julien works with Australian Canoeing and the New South Wales Institute of Sport as a Canoe Slalom High Performance Coach towards Tokyo 2020.

He certified as an Oxygen Advantage® Instructor in Sydney in 2017.

Mastering one of the most powerful mechanisms in our body can have a tremendous impact on both well being and performance. Because we breathe 24/7, breath training is potentially endless. I have been looking for a technique that could effortlessly trigger diaphragmatic breathing to improve the mind/ body connection. Thanks to the Oxygen Advantage, I have discovered that nose breathing and breath holds could also enhance the fitness level of my athletes through simulation of altitude training. Moving towards the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, we have now integrated the Oxygen advantage breathing techniques into our daily training and recovery.

Julien’s coaching approach is to lead the people he works with by guiding them towards their strengths, step by step. He enjoys helping athletes grow to their full potential, allowing space for creativity and innovation. Neuroscience, breathing, behavioural psychology, optimism, creativity are a few of the fields that he love to explore and integrate into his coaching.



Nicholas Mendoza-Jones, Bondi

Based in Bondi, Nic runs one of Australia’s leading strength and functional training studios, AGOGA. Having worked in corporate law for 10 years, Nic made the switch to the health and fitness industry, and today works with clients ranging from ironmen athletes and spearfishers, to corporate groups and weekend warriors.

Having experienced the physical and mental benefits of integrating Oxygen Advantage® breathwork into his own everyday life and training, Nic now teaches this proven breathing method to not only meet (and exceed!) clients’ fitness goals, but to also optimise their overall health, lifestyle and mindset.

By sharing the ancient wisdom and modern science that inform the practical applications of the Oxygen Advantage® methodology, Nic’s primary focus for his clients is to restore functional breathing, improve sleep and mindfulness, enhance productivity and assist stress management. These benefits can then be complemented with Nic’s advanced breathwork training to support elite sports and fitness performance.

Nic is a lululemon Ambassador and holds a Bachelor of Science (Anatomy Major) UNSW, in addition to multiple strength and conditioning qualifications including StrongFirst SFG1; Rik Brown Steel Mace Certification; Certificate III and IV in Fitness from the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers; Level 2 Certified AIK Kettlebell Instructor; and certified BLACKROLL trainer.

Mark Hallam – Melbourne

Mark is a Melbourne based Personal Trainer that has a passion for helping clients achieve their optimal levels of health. He believes breathing and improving our functional breathing should be just as much a priority as factors such as training, nutrition, movement, and many others that make up a person’s health and fitness program.

Having suffered with breathing problems as a child and all through adolescence, due to some structural problems with his nose, Mark experienced many nights of lost sleep, reduced physical performance and consistent aggravation related to these issues. Having implemented the Oxygen Advantage philosophy upon himself he has seen first hand the amazing impact that improved functional breathing can have on not just the factors previously mentioned, but on overall lifestyle and happiness levels as well. Being a keen endurance athlete, competing in Iron Men and Marathons, he has also seen the benefit that the Oxygen Advantage drills have had on his performance in training for these events.

He teaches clients 1-1, online and in group sessions to help them experience the same benefits that he’s seen for himself.

Leigh Ewin - Australia

Leigh Ewin is coaching people around the world in the art of conscious breathwork. He has trained with several of the world’s top recognised breathwork evangelists. He specialises in guiding group breathwork sessions and has a subtle yet powerful manner of which he brings people together. Leigh has spent years exploring breathwork techniques to aid in anxiety, pain and stress relief as well as sports and athletic performance enhancement.

He is based in the cooler climate of Finland but hails from sunny Australia and represents a real life story of adaptation and resilience. He enjoys breathwork and the flow of energy that it creates in and for people, both physically and mentally.

He is also trained in Bulletproof coaching and holds instructor certifications in several other breathwork methodologies. He used to compete in basketball at a high level but nowadays you can find him guiding breathwork in many different settings – from a sports hall to a small tipi in the middle of the forest. Leigh is a certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.

Matthew Beecroft – Burnside, SA

Matt Beecroft is the owner of Reality SDC and is a Fitness Director with Goodlife Health Clubs. He is a personal trainer/coach with 20 years of full time experience. Matthew is a Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) instructor, Co-Director in Australia for Ground Force Method (GFM), National Fitness Presenter with Thump Boxing and Kickboxing for Fitness , Expert Level 2 Krav Maga Global Instructor, Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) Team Leader, Functional Movement Screen (FMS Level 1&2, CK-FMS) certified instructor, Animal Flow instructor and amateur and professional Muay Thai coach.

Matthew is passionate about health, movement and high performance, and better breathing as a vital component of all 3, Matt uses the Oxygen Advantage®, Buteyko Method and better breathing to assist his clients achieve their goals of better health, fitness and personal safety.

He can be contacted through his website

Jason Donaldson – Western Australia

Jason is a human performance coach who can help you optimise your health and fitness to live a high performance life.

If you truly want to be fitter, faster, healthier, more resilient, more productive, better at managing stress… a better version of YOU, Jason can help.

Jason has been a Coach in the human performance space for over a decade. He has helped people worldwide achieve the results they desire. From elite national and international athletes, Special Forces soldiers and corporate executives to stay-at-home mums and dads, office workers and tradespeople.

Jason is an adaptable, practical, no BS individual who is able to relate to people from all walks of life. A former Police Sergeant with 20-years operational experience, Jason is all about developing physical and mental fitness that works for you outside of the gym. Fitness that supports your life, work, sport… real fitness.

Jason is presently the Director of Training and Operations at Power Speed Endurance, an Unscared Inc company and a certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.

He can be contacted through his website