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Breathing for

A Video Mini Course for Yoga Practitioners, with Patrick McKeown and Anastasis Tzanis

COST: $50

“Follow your breath.”

“Don’t stop breathing…”

If you attend regular yoga classes, online or in person, you’ve probably heard these instructions a thousand times.

Even if you’ve never tried pranayama or meditation, physical yoga practice is firmly rooted in the breath.

It provides a thread. A focal point.

Yoga training - people meditating with flinger on one nostril
Anastasis Tzanis - performing Yoga

Breathing supports oxygen delivery to your muscles as they flex into challenging postures. It aids recovery after a tough practice. It calms the mind, supports mental focus, and provides the gateway to deeper states of consciousness.

But sometimes, it just seems to stop. During sun salutations or warrior pose, balances or twists, there comes a point where steady breathing feels impossibly hard.

Not to mention the fact that, sometimes, any sense of wellbeing and calm evaporates, the minute you set foot outside the Shala.


Red lines
Icon of a woman standing on two hands

Wobble in balances and inversions

Icon of a woman with raised hands

Struggle to breathe in challenging postures

Icon of a person experiencing breathlessness

Experience demotivating levels of breathlessness

Icon of a woman stretching muscles

Frequently pull muscles or ache after practice

Icon of a man with sore throat

Get a sore throat from your fearsome Ujjayi

Icon of a confused man

Feel confused or intimidated by pranayama

Icon of man snoring

Snore during Savasana

icon of hourglass

Feel like the benefits of practice only last a short time

The Oxygen Advantage Breathing for Yogis mini course will help.

What’s Included?

The Oxygen Advantage® Breathing for Yoga Mini Course contains 7 modules comprising 2 hours of video content. Your teachers, Patrick McKeown and Anastasis Tzanis, will cover a mixture of theory and practice.

You will learn about breathing from two angles. Discover how to breathe functionally during practice. And learn how to use yogic stretches to release and strengthen your diaphragm — the primary breathing muscle and a vital player in core strength and stability.

You’ll get lifetime access to the course materials, so you can return to the lessons any time. And you can join Anastasis’s private Facebook Group, to ask questions and learn how others apply the training.

Person meditating and listening to online class
Anastazis Tzanis - performing Yoga exercise

What Am I Learning?

  • How to breathe throughout an asana practice and why it’s important
  • How to improve flexibility in the muscles that affect your breathing
  • When and how to use breath holds
  • How the menstrual cycle affects your breathing
  • The link between breathing and sleep

Watch this quick taster to find out more…

About Your Instructors

Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is creator and Master Instructor of the Oxygen Advantage® technique. He is a bestselling author and has contributed research to numerous journals including the Journal of Clinical Medicine. He coaches everyone from children to Olympic athletes to improve their quality of life and performance, using simple scientific breathing exercises.


Anastasis Tzanis

Anastasis Tzanis is a yoga teacher, nutritional therapist, Wim Hof Method expert and Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor. He studied with Andrey Lappa, founder of Universal Yoga, and with Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku, founders of AcroYoga, Montreal. He teaches the breathing module for HotPod yoga’s teacher-training and has been recognized as a top London yoga teacher by AboutTime Magazine.

Anastasis has dedicated his life to understanding the link between mind and body — and the role of the breath in strengthening the connection between the two.