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Oxygen Advantage - Bulgaria

Velina Bobcheva Onissiforou – Bulgaria

Velina is in health and fitness industry for more than 20 years. She was born and raised in Bulgaria in a family of athletes and is a former athlete of acrobatic gymnastics. She is Stott Pilates Certified instructor and in ISP (Injuries and Special Population). She is also instructor in Joint Mobility and TRX Sports Medicine suspension training. She is a Yoga student, because in yoga you never stop learning. In her own studio based in Larnaka, Cyprus, she trains clients in both personal and small group classes. She dedicates her time to help people to determine and awake their posture in direction orientated relationship with gravity, gaining agility, pain free and with long lasting results.

Using all the above different methods and techniques through the years the results and effects in clients were quiet good but not excellent. There was always something bringing them back to their bad posture, aggravating pain and discomfort, so they had to start from the beginning. When she incorporated the Oxygen Advantage® technique into her life and work, there were no longer any external factors sabotaging the progress of clients and the results and effects were excellent.