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Oxygen Advantage® Online Course:
Digital Chapters

Section 1: Practical Demonstration

  • Nose Unblocking Exercise
  • The Body Oxygen Level Test (BOLT) Watch Preview
  • Breathe Light to Breathe Right
  • Oxygen Advantage® Warm-Up
  • Simulating High-Altitude Training While Walking
  • Simulating High-Altitude Training While Running
  • Advanced Simulation of High-Altitude Training

Section 2: Description of Exercises

  • Introduction
  • The Body Oxygen level test
  • 3 Steps to Increasing BOLT score
  • Nose Unblocking Exercise Watch Preview
  • Breathe Light to Breathe Right
  • Warm-up
  • Breathe Light to Breathe Right Jogging
  • Breathing Recovery Exercise
  • Simulate High-Altitude Training Walking
  • Simulate High-Altitude Training Jogging
  • Advanced Simulation of High Altitude Training
  • Program depending on Health and BOLT
  • Conclusion

Section 3: Theory

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