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Dr. Martin Denbar, D.D.S.

Diplomat, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor Texas A&M University School of Medicine

Dr-Martin-DenbarDr. Martin Denbar, the founder and creator of High Performance Breathing Technology, has been involved in the field of airway management since 1995. He introduced the field of Oral Appliance Therapy that year to the Central Texas area and has since treated thousands of patients using Oral Appliance Therapy. Dr. Denbar has also published numerous articles and lectured on a local, regional and national basis on Oral Appliance Therapy, Myofunctional Therapy and Combination Therapy.

As a leader in the field of airway management he has been a yearly guest lecturer at the University of Texas School of Nursing, Texas State University graduate polysomnography program and the Texas State University Nurse Practitioner program. His presentations have been to healthcare study groups, dental schools and medical, nursing and dental professional society meetings. Presently, Dr. Denbar is one of nine Diplomates in Texas for the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and an Assistant Clinical Professor at The Texas A&M School of Medicine.

In 2012, Dr. Denbar developed a proprietary advanced clinical and billing seminar for the field of Oral Appliance Therapy called, “The Clinical and Billing Aspect of Dental Sleep Medicine.” Having no commercial sponsors for his seminar, Dr. Denbar has been able to provide an unbiased clinical and business guide that is patient oriented for dentists seeking to enter the field of Dental Sleep Medicine.

In 2015 Dr. Denbar began utilizing telemedicine exclusively for his Myofunctional Therapy practice and developed a Myofunctional Therapy electronic medical record to assist in providing therapists more accurate and accessible records.