Gemma Ferrier
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Our breath is life enhancing. After just 3 minutes of limited oxygen, most people experience serious problems, but how often in our daily life do we think about how we breathe? We know the importance of drinking enough water and the type of foods we eat, but something as simple as breathing is taken for granted. Breathing can change your life.

A nurse for over 20 years in many areas of acute primary and secondary healthcare, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of looking at the whole body in conjunction. The breath affects our whole body; how our muscles work, how our brain functions, how we respond when we are stressed and anxious, and perhaps most importantly, how we sleep. 70% of our energy comes from our breath. Your breath is your energy delivery system.

Breath-work requires no equipment, we have everything we need right inside of us. We all breathe, so we can all benefit from developing an awareness of our breath; a new focus and understanding of something you have been doing since you were born, whatever our movement and activity levels.

I have experienced the power of increasing the awareness of my own breath and the impact on my general health and wellbeing. As a qualified breath-work practitioner I want to support others to learn how to harness their breath and to explore the many ways that breath-work can positively impact all aspect of their life.