Glenn Weinert


  • Australia


Glenn is a Sydney based Oxygen Advantage certified instructor. Through his business Functional Breathing™ Glenn offers training, workshops, presentations and masterclasses which teach and demonstrate the Oxygen Advantage™ method.

Glenn firmly believes that breath education and a basic understanding of metrics are critical to optimising wellness. He shows his clients how slight intentional modifications to their breathing can and does have significant impacts on their health, stress levels and general wellbeing.

As a child Glenn was hospitalised many times due to chronic asthma. His obsession with the importance of breathing has led him to run several marathons, become a certified free diver and pursue education in the benefits of many breathing modalities.

Glenn works with elite level athletes, businesses and “normal” people who are seeking to improve their athletic performance and overall health.

If you would like to work with Glenn to improve your health or performance then please make contact.

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