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A massage practitioner for over 27 years, Heather found Wim Hof in 2019, who inspired her to delve further into the science of breathing to better inform her own practice and that of her clients. Blending Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing training with remedial and therapeutic massage Heather brings focus to the breath as the vital part of our ability to thrive. Supporting clients to breathe better so they can feel better.

A note from Heather.
As a massage therapist and instructor, I strive to empower people to make positive changes. Breathing is our very existence and often nobody stops to look at the quality of their breath. I am known for saying, a lot, “The best investment you’ll ever make is in your health.”

I combine breathwork and bodywork since they have a significant influence on one another and the diaphragms correlation with the spine. Breathwork offers a foundational practice upon which one can regulate the nervous system, untangle negative behaviours and thought patterns, and in turn change the body and external world for the better.

I am based in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, United Kingdom and I work with clients in person. You’ll find me swimming in the North Sea all year round, come and join me!

Please contact me if you would like to explore further the powerful benefits that Oxygen Advantage® functional breathing can have on the mind and body.

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