Jayne Hayward
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


I want you to feel and breathe your best.

Whether that is helping you improve your asthma, reduce your anxiety or depression, helping you sleep better, or teaching you the tools to strengthen your emotional resilience. I am here to assist.

Having been an asthmatic since the age of 2 I am now medication free, and so I want to support you on your asthma journey to help you live life more fully and without restriction.

I also work with the Conscious Connected Breath, having trained with Alchemy of Breath; this is a trauma-sensitive therapeutic breath tool that empowers you to achieve transformational, insightful and restorative benefits to your being. We will work through mediation practices & embodied mindfulness to develop a deep and strong connection to the wisdom of your body.

I offer supportive programs tailored to meet you where you are at; working holistically using a synergy of functional breathing for everyday health and well-being, and therapeutic breathwork practices for trauma release that enable deep healing for body, mind and soul. I provide a safe and confidential container for the exploration of sensitive issues that need a compassionate approach.

My sessions are online 1-2-1 over zoom.