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Oxygen Advantage Danmark

Kasper has an extensive background in sports. He has played handball at elite-level and later he moved on to pursue things such as yoga, qigong, martial arts (with 3 years in Japan) and running. Throughout Kasper has always looked for ways to optimize his performance and he early on found that breathing was a key element in this.

Kasper is the founder of Tairo Klinik and Buteyko Center. At Tairo Klinik you will find a clinic which specializes in the treatment of musculo-skeletal problems. We focus on long-term interventions and seek to empower our clients in order to give them an understanding of their problem. To accomplish this we start out by doing a postural as well as a functional movement screen to better understand how the client’s problem fits into the bigger picture.

After that we work with methods such as Rolfing, acupuncture, cupping and Neurokientic Therapy.

The Oxygen Advantage is an innovative programme which offers athletes a simple and inexpensive way to improve sports performance. The programme was developed by Patrick McKeown who has authored eight books on breathing techniques, including The Oxygen Advantage. Kasper Andersen brings the Oxygen Advantage technique to Denmark in order to improve sports performance using two different approaches:

1. By practising specially-designed breath hold exercises to simulate training at an altitude of 4,000-5,000 metres (13,000-16,400 ft).

2. By understanding how oxygen is released throughout the body, and changing everyday breathing habits so that oxygen delivery improves.

By applying The Oxygen Advantage you can reach your full potential and experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced breathlessness during physical exercise
  • Increased oxygen delivery to working muscles
  • Improved aerobic capacity
  • Delayed onset of lactic acid and fatigue
  • Increased respiratory muscle strength
  • Significant prevention of exercise-induced asthma and ‘cyclist’s cough’
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