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OwlEye Glasses

OwlEye glasses are an excellent product that absorbs blue and green light emitted by artificial light – LED in particular. The lenses used in the production of glasses block the effects of blue light in 100%. Exposure to blue light after dark disrupts the human circadian rhythm. The result is reduced and delayed production of melatonin, our natural sleep hormone.

Blue light threats

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • reduced resistance to stress
  • mood disorders
  • depression
  • problems with concentration
  • hormonal problems
  • problems with sleeping
  • excess body weight

The effectiveness of OwlEye glasses has been confirmed by numerous experiences, among independent users, including professional athletes, who are the Olympic team.

OwlEye has a spectrometer test showing 100% efficiency in blocking blue light.

Spectrometer measurement protocol – OwIEye eyepiece filter Tests carried out at the ViTom Light & Energy Independent Photometric Laboratory with the use of the following equipment: GL Spectis 5.0 Touch spectrometer by GL Optic (200nm-1050nm).


Information about Shipment

OwlEye Worldwide Sales Center! We offer low prices for deliveries via Poczta Polska!
Europe 10 €, USA – 25 €, Oceania – 30 € other locations 30 €.

The rates are the same for 1 piece and 5 pieces. In the event of a larger order, please contact us by email: maciej.rybicki@start-sport.pl

We are looking for showcased all over the world!
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