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Oxygen Advantage® Online Course & Hard Copy DVD Set

Complete theoretical & practical video demonstration of the Oxygen Advantage® technique taught directly by Patrick McKeown.

If you found The Oxygen Advantage book to be a game changer, our complete Oxygen Advantage® online course and DVD set is the perfect compliment.
Regardless of your age, fitness level or health profile, the Oxygen Advantage® online course and DVD set will help you to improve both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity within a few short weeks of practice.

What is included:

  • 120 minutes theoretical & practical video demonstration of each exercise from the book.
  • Each exercise taught and demonstrated on camera by Oxygen Advantage® creator Patrick McKeown working with a client.
  • Complete 30 minute workout instructed by Patrick McKeown to a group and recorded on camera.
  • Step by step instructions on how to integrate the technique into your life.

Your Investment: $50

Instant Online Access (receive login by email after purchase) and Hard Copy Double DVD shipped to you worldwide: $50
(Please allow 5-7 working days for international delivery)

Enhance Your Oxygen Advantage® Workout

  • Patented SportsMask designed by Patrick McKeown
  • Put the Oxygen Advantage® into practice using SportsMask – complete instruction manual included
  • +Access to instructional online training videos
  • Hard case to protect mask
  • For more information visit SportsMask.com
  • $50 including worldwide shipping


$25.00 including international shipping

Achieve healthy, effortless breathing the easy way. Reduces snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, stress, anxiety & other breathing related conditions. Enhance and Support your Oxygen Advantage® Practice.

There are currently 3 belt sizes available (Small, Medium and Large).

To choose your belt size, please measure the diameter of your midriff (at the base of the ribcage). Please then match this measurement to one of the sizes below.

  • Small: 26 inches -34 inches (67cms-87cms)
  • Medium: 35 inches – 41 inches (89cms – 105cms)
  • Large: 41 inches – 47 inches (105cms – 120cms)

International Book Editions

The Oxygen Advantage book is currently published in the USA, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Japan, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Taiwan. The book is soon due to be published in Saudi Arabia.

The book includes both detailed and simplified descriptions of each exercise, quick reference guides and summaries, case studies, and the full science behind the information to enable the reader to fully understand and apply the Oxygen Advantage® Technique.

Buy your copy of The Oxygen Advantage online (see links below) or at a bookstore near you.