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Congratulations on having enrolled in


The New Online Yoga Course for Scientific Breathwork from Oxygen Advantage® Experts, Patrick McKeown and Anastasis Tzanis

Let’s Get Started!

Required Study:

  • In depth study of Breathing for Yoga Training Manual (download below – hard copy unavailable)
  • In depth study of Oxygen Advantage Complete Advanced Instructor Manual (download under the START TEACHING section – a hard copy will also be posted to you, please allow a couple of weeks for delivery).
  • In depth study of each of the video recordings under ESSENTIAL LEARNING – VIDEOS and LIVE ZOOM CLASSES WITH PATRICK
  • In depth study of the MANUALS, EXERCISES and PRESENTATIONS located in the START TEACHING section
  • Recommended attendance at scheduled live Zoom classes with Patrick and Anastasis. If you cannot attend the live classes, they will each be recorded and will be uploaded to this training portal page for replay within 48 hrs of the class occurring. The recordings remain available and can be viewed in your own time.


  • Tuesday June 1st (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Patrick
  • Wednesday June 2nd (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Patrick
  • Thursday June 3rd (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Anastasis
  • Friday June 4th (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Anastasis
  • Tuesday June 8th (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Anastasis
  • Tuesday June 15th (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Anastasis
  • Wednesday June 16 (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Patrick
  • Thursday June 17 (4pm-6pm London, UK time) with Patrick
  • Please scroll down below for Zoom dial ins for each live class

Tip: Download the Oxygen Advantage® Complete Advanced Instructor Manual & Script of Exercises (located in the START TEACHING section). The manual will be used by Patrick during his live Zoom classes. This manual contains the core teachings. Please also download and save a copy of the Breathing for Yoga manual for your classes with Anastasis.

After successfully completing the required study above please proceed to the online exam and case studies Please submit your case studies by email to your Master Instructor Anastasis: anastasis@oxygenadvantage.com

Once you have successfully completed your training and passed the exam, as well as submitted your case studies for review, you will be certified. You will receive a digital cert and your instructor profile will be added to our website.

Please feel free to contact your Master Instructor Anastasis on the above email address if you have any questions during the training.

Join our Instructors Members Group on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/136049163773097

Enjoy your training! The Oxygen Advantage® Team