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Essential Learning

Congratulations on having registered for Oxygen Advantage® Complete Advanced Instructor Training.

Let’s Get Started!

Required Study: In depth study of each of the video recordings in VIDEOS section (below), attendance at or study of LIVE ZOOM CLASSES, and study of the MANUALS, EXERCISES and PRESENTATIONS located in the START TEACHING section.

Tip: Download the Oxygen Advantage Instructor Manual & Script of Exercises (located in the START TEACHING section). The manual will be used by Patrick during the live Zoom classes. This manual contains the core teachings. You will also receive a hard copy of this manual to your postal address within a few weeks of enrolling in the training.

After successfully completing the required study please proceed to the online exam and case studies

A Recap:

Step 1: In your own time, download the Instructor Manual & Script of Exercises, study the required materials under ESSENTIAL LEARNING / START TEACHING sections (as explained above), and attend / study the live Zoom classes.

Step 2: When satisfied with level of knowledge, proceed to Exam & Case Studies.

Step 3: Once successfully passed, you are certified and your instructor profile is added to our website.