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Essential Learning - Videos

Oxygen Advantage Essential

Improving Breathing Efficiency

Practical Demonstration

Body Oxygen Level Test (BOLT)

Breath Recovery Exercise

Functional Breathing

Functional Breathing 2

Preparation of Simulation of Altitude Training

Simulation of Altitude Training

Functional Breathing During Walking

Functional Breathing During Walking and Jogging

MyoTape Adults

SportsMask and OxygenAdvantage

Walking, Jogging using SportsMask

Simulation of Altitude Training using SportsMask

Practical Workout & Program

Complete Workout

Practising Breathe Light

Practice Breathe Light

Breathe Light Jogging

Exercise Simulate Altitude

Simulate Altitude Incremental

Supine Position


Push Ups


Section 1: Practical Demonstration of Exercises

Nose Unblocking Exercise

Breathe Light to Breathe Right Jogging

Section 2: Program and Warm-up recommendations

3 Steps to Increasing BOLT score


Program depending on Health and BOLT

Section 2: Oxygen Advantage Theory

Oxygen Advantage

Benefits of Oxygen Advantage

Measure Progress

Time Improvements

Using Pulse Oximeter

Oxygen Dissociation Curve

EPO Boost

Proven to Delay Fatigue in Athletes

Diaphragm Fatigue

How to Reduce Breathlessness in Sports

Termination of Breath Hold

Autonomic Nervous System

What is a Deep Breath

Talking Affects Breathing

Dont Breathe out Through Mouth

Forward Head Posture

Development of Athlete Face

Effects of Poor Breathing Patterns

Breathing Hard Reduces Oxygen Delivery

What Causes the Need to Resume Breathing

Athletes Sleep


Section 3: Aditional Science and Theory

Breathing Efficiency

VO2 max. & Running Economy

Measure breathlessness

Nasal Nitric oxide

Oral Breathing in Children

Rhinitis study in asthma

Breath holding in Practise

Breath holding to reduce free radicals

Reduced Acidosis


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Les bases de l’Oxygen Advantage

Efficacité respiratoire