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Complete Certification

Following enrollment and study in Advanced OA Instructor’s training you are required to complete an online exam and prepare and submit 3 client case studies in order to complete certification and begin teaching as a certified Advanced instructor.

The exam consists of 102 multiple choice Q&As which can be completed during one or more stages. At the bottom of the page, there is an option to save and continue later. By taking this option, a link of your partially completed exam will be sent to you by email. When you have completed all questions, please click on submit. Within a couple of minutes, you will receive an email with your score. Good luck.

To complete exam in English, click HERE

By rozpocząć egzamin po polsku, naciśnij TUTAJ


In addition to the exam, you are required to coach 3 clients in the method and prepare individual case studies for each. You may work with friends and family.

Each case study should be written up using the template provided below (300 – 500+ words per case study). Important: please type and save the case studies in a word document for correction, no hand written or PDFs will be accepted).

Please work with your clients over a period of 3 weeks (online or face to face) using the appropriate protocols and exercises as per your training. Track your clients’ BOLT scores at the beginning and the end of coaching period. Support and answer questions your clients may have and schedule coaching sessions as per your preference. Once coaching period is completed write up and submit case studies to one of the team emails below (as per your chosen training):

Complete Advanced Instructor Training: Please submit case studies document to [email protected]

When you have successfully completed the exam, you will be issued with a digital certificate, and your instructor profile added to our website www.oxygenadvantage.com for your country and location. Case studies are a required step in your certification to verify the knowledge you have acquired during your training. Case studies may be submitted at same time or after submitting exam.

We advise to complete the certification process as quickly as possible following your training.

We look forward to certifying you.