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Oxygen Advantage USA

Don Gordon Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor

Don Gordon lives in Bend, Oregon, and provides Oxygen Advantage instructor training in the USA. Being both a competitive athlete and breathing instructor, Don is able to impart expertise from both an experiential and theoretical viewpoint. His clients range from weekend warriors to elite athletes.

Don Gordon provides Oxygen Advantage® instructor training across the United States and has been teaching Oxygen Advantage® techniques to elite, competitive amateur and recreational athletes since 2014.

Don is not only an Oxygen Advantage® practitioner, he is a success story. As a competitive cyclist, he’s achieved many personal records and podium spots by using the techniques taught in the Oxygen Advantage®. Don is well positioned to show athletes the theoretical, practical and event result advantages that can be gained through the Oxygen Advantage®.

Don is a former executive with several global high-tech companies. He is a graduate and fellow at the world’s leading breathing academy, The Buteyko Clinic International. He is based in Bend, Oregon.

Sam Turpin - San Diego

Sam Turpin lives in San Diego, California. He is a personal trainer and martial arts instructor. Since he was four years old, Sam has been active and played many sports (Soccer, basketball, tennis, golf…etc). Even when he was younger he was always looking for ways to efficiently improve his performance. After finding the Oxygen Advantage, Sam has brought himself and his clients to a new level of health and fitness.

Training the breath has improved Sam’s martial arts through greater endurance and control. He believes that the breath is at the center of every technique and without mastery of the breath there is no mastery of technique.

Sam hopes to promote better breathing throughout his community with the intention of creating better minds and bodies.


[email protected]


Nick Heath - Florida

Nick Heath was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when he was 11 years old.  After reading the Oxygen Advantage at age 30, he started breathing nasally 24/7, including taping his mouth closed at night.  He immediately noticed remarkable improvements in his blood sugar and energy levels.  As an avid surfer, Nick has also noticed dramatic improvements in his surfing confidence and performance after regular practice of the Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques.  These results inspired Nick to pursue Oxygen Advantage teacher training so he could share this practice with others.  Nick completed his teaching training under Patrick McKeown in March 2018.

The improvements in Nick’s health and performance also motivated him to read the scientific literature behind the Oxygen Advantage.  This allows him to share both the scientific and practical sides of the training.  Nick is passionate about sharing what he has learned and experienced with the Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques.

Nick lives in Satellite Beach, FL.  He holds a Ph.D. in meteorology and is currently employed as a research meteorologist.

To train with Nick visit:

black-sand-yoga.com (Athletes)

thebreathingdiabetic.com (Health; Coming Soon)

John Poulton
Salt Lake City - Utah

John Poulton is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been a breathing instructor since 2014. He offers Breathing Retraining workshops for those looking to improve their health, and Oxygen Advantage workshops for athletes looking to improve their performance.

John graduated with a degree in engineering from the University of Utah and went on to receive an MBA from the University of Texas. He spent several years working in energy finance for the largest power producer in Texas. While working in this high-stress corporate environment, he was amazed at the incredible stress reduction and performance benefits of proper breathing–and he immediately knew he wanted to start teaching it to others. He earned a diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Method from the Buteyko Clinic International and has been a breathing instructor ever since.

bountifulbreathing.com (In-Person, Greater Salt Lake City Area)

www.elitebreathing.com (Online)

(385) 399-3678

Kevin Riordan - New York

Kevin Riordan is based in New York City. His focus is on coaching for increased athletic performance and fixing disrupted breathing patterns for everyday “life performance”. Kevin himself has adopted the principles of the Oxygen Advantage years ago after stumbling on the work of Patrick McKeown, and has experienced tremendous benefits both mentally and physically.

After having graduated university with a business degree he worked for the likes of BASF, Vail Resorts, and TIAA before leaving to train student athletes at a high school with a 1:1 model. At Fusion Academy Kevin has been instructing students on diet, exercise, mindfulness, and now “The Oxygen Advantage”.

Kevin became a certified HeartMath instructor, a nutrition counselor, and a Human Potential Coach from the Bulletproof Institute after leaving the corporate world.

Kevin believes mastering breathing is the most crucial fundamental for health, athletic performance, as well as the remarkable byproduct of a backdoor entry for increased mindfulness.

Can be reached at [email protected]

Website smartbreathing.net and Instagram account (smartbreathing) expected launch is September 2018.

Vic Verdier - Seattle

Vic Verdier has been involved in sport and fitness training for more than 35 years. Strength and Conditioning coach (CSCS, StrongFirst Level 2 instructor), martial artist (Krav Maga and Combatives Instructor), Scuba Diving and free diving Instructor Trainer, Vic is teaching workshops all over the US. Particularly interested in breathing, diet and lifestyle, Vic has been at the forefront of the reintroduction of natural movement in fitness. Vic holds a world record in diving and is the author of nine books and several hundred articles on this topic.

[email protected]

Pedro Sanjurjo - Miami, Florida

Pedro’s education and background in engineering have contributed to a lifelong study of efficiency, biomechanics, and the incremental changes that make for peak human performance.  His enthusiasm for pushing the extremes of physical capacity and endurance have taken him to performance training and breathing workshop experiences across the globe, and led him to an appreciation of the differences that proper breathing techniques can make in everyday focus, concentration, and stress reduction, but also in achieving peak athletic performance.

An avid runner and HIIT enthusiast, Pedro has worked to apply his breathing experience and knowledge to  his own running and workout practices, and has found that the contribution of breathing technique to training regimens significantly improves performance results.

He is available for individual and group coaching and evaluations.

Contact: 801-815-1299
[email protected]

Kerrie Opprecht - Miami, Florida

A lifelong athlete, Kerrie has developed a passion for performance metrics and identifying those elements that can contribute specifically to incremental differences in training results. Defining components like efficient running form, cadence, and consistency allowed her to elevate her athletic performance to new levels, and once she was able to include breathing techniques in her training, she found her own results improved significantly.

Her enthusiasm for helping others identify not just improvements in athletic performance, but also an every day calm and focus from the Oxygen Advantage breathing program has become prime fuel for her interest in performing analysis and coaching for others.

Kerrie focuses particularly on the assessment of an individual’s innate breathing form and revealing symptoms that are indicative of habits and tendencies that could be significantly improved by the Oxygen Advantage program, and has found great satisfaction in working with clients directly to develop new practices in breathing that bring profound changes to athletic performance and every day life.

Contact: 801-678-1560
[email protected]

Dr Steven E Todd - Gulf Coast of Alabama, Florida and Mississippi

Dr Todd has practiced Comprehensive Rehabilitative dentistry for over 30 years. He has completed a Masters in Regenerative Medicine, a specialty that deals with the healing and regeneration of the body’s organs and cells. Dr Todd now combines his knowledge of Dentistry and Regenerative Medicine with the scientifically proven breathing techniques of The Oxygen Advantage® – a new paradigm in Athletic and Sports Performance Training – to provide the most comprehensive and advanced program to improve recreational athletes and professional elite athletes’ sports performance. Dr Todd is keenly interested in training recreational and elite professional athletes to maximize their individual performance. It is not uncommon for an athlete to “hit a wall” in their performance and wonder is there anything else I can do? The Oxygen Advantage® addresses this question. Whether it is a desire to improve personal performance; the degradation of performance due to injury; or increasing the sports performance of a team; the Oxygen Advantage® can help.

Dr Todd has always had an interest in athletics and sports. In high school he played football and basketball and ran track. He has been elected into the Henderson County Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame. He attended the University of Louisville on a full track scholarship where he specialized in the 440 Sprint. He set the school record in this event.

The Oxygen Advantage® is now an integral part of Dr Todd’s Practice, Gulf Coast Sleep Specialist/ Oxygen Advantage®.

Dr Todd is one of first Certified Oxygen Advantage® instructors in the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

Dr Steven E Todd DMD,MaS
Regenerative Medicine
316 S McKenzie St
Suite 171
Foley Alabama 36535
Contact: 1 251 284 5332
Web: gulfcoastsleepspecialist.com

Nick Hair
Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Bachelor Degree: Computer Science

A former collegiate baseball player turned powerlifter / classic bodybuilding enthusiast who always struggled with breathlessness.

I stumbled upon OA through a FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) Master Instructor’s reading list, and integrated it into my training immediately after reading it. In a short amount of time, I was having easier lifts and noticing that I could hold poses much longer during my training. Out of training, my sleep and recovery were also boosted. After seeing the results in my training, I knew that I wanted to teach my peers to have the same successes that I did with implementing the method into my training.

I am Certified in FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) which focuses on joint health and longevity. I am hoping to help people restore proper joint and breathing function to give them the opportunity to enjoy whatever their own passion is without having joint pain or breathlessness. I know how much more enjoyable training is without pain and breathlessness and I would like to help others achieve the same result.

[email protected]

Roman Leija, Los Angeles to Santa Monica, CA

Roman currently operates out of Los Angeles California, more specifically Santa Monica, California. He graduated from Cal State East Bay in 2017 with a bachelor in Kinesiology and maintains a rigorous training schedule studying with the brightest minds throughout the world. Rather than going the conventional route of obtaining a doctorate of such sort, he decided to take an alternative approach by learning outside the typical schooling system. For example, he aims to be a highly competent and respected health coach, hence he’s decided to begin learning all the underlying basis of what it is to be a human and attempt to maximize all facets of life while minimizing all potential dangers. Whether it is proper light exposure, reducing non-native EMFs, adequate hydration, a balanced seasonal diet, harmonized breathing, or biomechanics, he plans to have a true understanding, along with the relationships between each and all of them. Thus, his overall approach to optimization is to become more in line with nature and to respect our inherent biological characteristics. Contact Roman for individual or group training.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-760-989-0530

Bob Soulliere – Alexandria, VA

Bob is a dad, husband, Crossfitter, Wim Hof Method Instructor, planking enthusiast, and life-spelunker focused on optimizing what’s in our own control. He thrives on connecting people to their innate powers, to resources, and to each other.

Bob has been an English, math, and science teacher, Peace Corps Volunteer, and cable / IT industry process leader.

His journey to breath work began as he and his wife sought sustainable, science-based ways to address and improve their children’s developmental challenges, including stress-management, attention, and allergies. It has extended to fitness, nutrition, and living intentionally.

Most important to Bob is that any lifestyle changes sustain the whole family and bring people closer together.

Email: [email protected]
Website: breatheyourpower.com

Adrian Bilyk – Chicago, IL

I am a graduate student, studying Exercise Physiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After laboring through most of my early adult years with breathing problems, mostly due to nasal congestion and chronic mouth breathing, I discovered Patrick McKeown’s book, The Oxygen Advantage, which helped me improve my breathing patterns and ultimately changed my life. I began studying more about breathing techniques used to enhance quality of life and athletic performance, and while there is still so much left for me to learn about this topic, I decided to implement the Oxygen Advantage principles in my graduate project. I hope to make a positive impact on recreational runners’ quality of life and athletic performance by teaching them these principles during my project and provide more support for the importance of proper breathing patterns in athletes and the general public. Following my graduation at the end of 2019, I anticipate starting a career as a health & fitness professional and continuing to teach the Oxygen Advantage method to more people as it continues to evolve. I currently coach group CrossFit classes and conduct private coaching sessions at The Foundry – Union Station CrossFit in Chicago, IL.

Contact Details
Adrian Bilyk
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: (708) 209-7098

Jimmie Schroeder – Houston, TX

Jimmie is a devoted Dad, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. He is a student of leadership, constantly working to improve himself to better serve those in his community. His commitment to continuous learning and his desire to improve the wellbeing of others has led him to a 20-year career in the fitness industry.  His goal is simple – to empower those looking to achieve optimal health.

Knowing that there is no single method to improving one’s health, he has a passion for sharing new ideas, methodologies, and techniques to those around him.  He is excited to the share the Oxygen Advantage® with his clients who range from pre-teens to octogenarians.

Jimmie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin and is certified through the National Strength and Condition Association as a certified strength and conditioning coach. Jimmie can be found at The Houstonian Club or with his wife chasing his two kids in one of the various parks around Houston.

Contact: [email protected]

John Longinidis - Southern New England/New York

I’ve been involved in athletics since I could walk. From baseball, basketball & football through my youth and high school years, to jiu-jitsu in my more adult years. I competed in several jiu-jitsu competitions from age 30-33. Jiu-Jitsu led me to yoga; yoga led me to my interest in breathing. Having received my 200 hour certification in power vinyasa yoga in 2016 from the Mystic Yoga Shala, I teach around south eastern Connecticut at several studios along with private lessons. I recently completed my first full year with the University of Connecticut Avery Point Men’s Basketball team as their head yoga/meditation/breath work coach.

I was first introduced to the Oxygen Advantage® by the world renowned trainer Steve Maxwell in Brussels, Belgium. Through my own applications from the Buteyko and the Oxygen Advantage® methods, I realized how powerful these exercises can be. I had always assumed breathing was one of my strengths, but quickly discovered it was a weakness that needed attention. I completed my certification training with Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor Don Gordon in November of 2018 in Santa Clara, CA.

Working on becoming the best version of myself is my committed lifetime goal; sharing that information is my passion. From yoga, meditation, mobility exercises, resistance training to breathing, I believe each piece plays a central role in becoming. Along with my continued work and certifications in yoga and breath work, I look to further add more education/certifications to pass information along to all my clients.

I’m based out of South Eastern Connecticut, but am willing to travel around the northeast to share this vital information.

Contact: [email protected]

Andrea U-Shi Chang - Seattle, WA

Andrea U-Shi Chang, Oxygen Advantage® Instructor, Master SF Instructor, FMS Instructor, Ground Force Method Global Instructor, Z-Health Movement Coach, and advisory board member for R2P (Rehab 2 Performance), has specialized in movement training and kettlebell coaching since 2005. An early member of the instructor staff of kettlebell pioneer Pavel Tsatsouline, Andrea became editor of Pavel’s online newsletter and authored several articles in StrongFirst and Dragon Door. In 2009 Andrea opened the Pacific Northwest’s FIRST kettlebell gym—Kettlebility —her Russian Kettlebell Instruction and Elite Performance Coaching studio, in Seattle.

A successful high school and college athlete, Andrea had stayed active after college (she thought), playing competitive soccer and tennis and ‘working out.’ But she weighed in at 195 pounds and 34% body fat. Technically obese, she realized something had to change. After a childhood friend introduced Andrea to kettlebells she was amazed. Not only was kettlebell training fun and challenging, it was melting off the fat and giving her back her fit athlete body. In just five months, Andrea lost more than 45 pounds. Better yet, she went from 34% to 18% body fat and gained lean muscle mass. Hard style kettlebells had literally changed her life. Andrea has been featured in Oprah Magazine and local broadcast and print media. She has worked as a technical advisor on several training and fitness books and edited and co-authored the Ground Force Movement Instructor manual. In 2016 the Seattle Seahawks hired Andrea to set up their Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screening program for players.

On a never-ending quest to follow her passion and learn more about strength and healthy movement, Andrea continues to study to refine her knowledge and become a more effective coach. Breath work and teaching the skill of breathing for better health benefits and performance has become an important part of her work.

Andrea travels globally as a certification instructor for StrongFirst, Ground Force Method, and FMS. She holds specialty workshops, instructor certifications, group classes and provides personal training for elite athletes and people from all walks of life at her studio, Kettlebility, a StrongFirst Accredited gym.

Contact: [email protected]