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Elevate your Breathwork Practice: Breathwork Success For Your Wellness Clients!

Patrick McKeown invites you to join our exclusive masterclass designed for wellness professionals. With Oxygen Advantage, you’ll be at the forefront of the health & wellness industry, shaping the future of breathwork education.


Tuesday, July 9th at 12:30 pm Ireland / UK time 

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In this Masterclass, You’ll Discover:


Unlock the secrets of advanced breathwork methods to deepen your practice and achieve unparalleled results for yourself and your clients. 


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of breathwork, empowering you to explain its benefits with confidence and authority.


Our comprehensive training empowers you to drive real, lasting change for your clients, establishing you as a trusted expert in the field.

Why the Oxygen Advantage Breathing Technique is Changing the Wellness Industry


Safe and Scientifically Proven

The Oxygen Advantage method isn’t just another wellness fad; it’s a safe and scientifically proven breathing technique that gives tangible improvements in health and physical fitness. 


Professional Competence

Our science-based techniques demonstrate professional knowledge and competence, backed by 22+ years of experience and a vibrant community of instructors.


International Network of Coaches

Join a global community of instructors where learning never stops. Benefit from peer-to-peer collaboration, ongoing support, and access to course resources


Tailored Learning

Enjoy a tailored learning experience with flexible course options, real-world scenarios, and case studies.


Results Guaranteed

Oxygen Advantage delivers tangible, measurable outcomes supported by science, ensuring your confidence in the efficacy of our methods.

Meet your Host

Patrick McKeown

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Patrick McKeown is a leading international expert in the field of breathing and the author of the bestselling book, The Oxygen Advantage.

Patrick’s journey began in 1998 when he discovered the Buteyko breathing method, which significantly improved his lifelong asthma. This transformative experience inspired him to delve deeper into respiratory physiology, leading him to train in Russia under the renowned Dr. Buteyko.

Patrick’s profound personal and professional insights led him to establish Buteyko Clinic International and Oxygen Advantage, dedicated to sharing the benefits of optimal breathing. Since 2002, he has helped thousands of individuals, from everyday wellness seekers to elite athletes and military special forces, enhance their health and performance through better breathing.


Who is this Masterclass for?

Our masterclass is professionals from various fields:

  • Health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and wellness practitioners seeking to integrate breathing techniques into their practice.
  • Individuals in corporate wellness roles or transitioning careers into health coaching through breathwork.
  • Athletes and sports professionals aiming to optimize performance with breathwork.
  • Medical practitioners like physical therapists and doctors interested in using breath training for conditions such as asthma and anxiety.
  • Regular individuals seeking relief from health issues like stress, sleep disorders, and hormonal imbalances through breathwork.

Is there a replay?

Yes, there will be a replay but live attendees will be given an exclusive offer so try to attend live if you can! There is also a Q & A session with Patrick where you can ask any burning questions. There will be lots of interaction also so drop the date into your diary!

What is the difference between the Oxygen Advantage and the Wim Hof breathing method?

The Wim Hof Method has three pillars- cold water immersion, breathing and meditation. The breathing technique involves taking 30 full breaths through the nose or mouth, followed by breath hold after an exhalation until moderate to strong air hunger. The final part of the technique ends with a breath hold after inhalation for 10 seconds. Practitioners of the Wim Hof Method typically practice three cycles. The technique is designed to force the body to make positive adaptations to health and immune function.

The Oxygen Advantage is a scientifically based breathing technique. There are two pillars. The first pillar includes breathing exercises to improve everyday functional breathing. This includes switching from mouth to nasal breathing during rest, sleep and physical movement. Breathing patterns are assessed using the Body Oxygen Level Test (BOLT) and Maximum Breathlessness Test (MBT). Breathing exercises are applied during rest and physical movement to improve breathing patterns from a biochemical and biomechanical dimension. The second pillar is simulation of altitude training by practising breath holds during movement (dynamic breath holds). During the breath hold, blood oxygen saturation lowers and carbon dioxide increases to invoke a psychological and physical stress to the body.


Tuesday, July 9th at 12:30 pm Ireland / UK time

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