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Alex specialises in working with motivated individuals that are struggling with chronic stress and high fatigue conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Post Viral Fatigue.

Whether you have a diagnosis or not, Alex can teach you the lifestyle tools and strategies you need to not only overcome these challenging conditions, but to achieve a level of health and energy beyond what you thought possible.

“Breathing plays a very critical and central role within holistic health because it directly affects energy and plays an important role in sleep, stress and productivity. The Oxygen Advantage is grounded in science and has a proven track record for teaching basic functional breathing as well as for high performance.”

Alex also puts a lot focus on habits and behaviour change because without that, the benefits of any strategy cannot be realised.

Whether you just want to focus on breathing or you want to learn more holistic strategies for increasing energy and reducing stress naturally, Alex can help.

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