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  • Increase power and endurance
  • Access deep mental focus and flow states
  • Speed up recovery between fights
  • Develop resilience and support your wellbeing, on and off the mat


Oxygen Advantage® Breathing in Martial Arts

Online video training with Master KaaTsu instructor and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Peter Lakatos.

COST: $50.00

As a martial arts athlete, you need laser focus, lightning reactions and resilience. Without these hard-won skills, you’re more vulnerable to injury and setbacks. In combat, victory will go to your opponent.

The journey to mastery is never a straight line. But there are tools that can support you on your path. Even when you want to travel light, there’s one thing you carry with you, every day…

Your breath.

The way you breathe can supercharge your performance. Or it can reduce oxygen uptake, disengage your core, and flip you into a stress state that shatters your focus and leaves you gasping on the floor.

In Breathe! Recover and Regenerate, you’ll learn how to breathe efficiently for better focus and performance. You will discover techniques specific to your sport that optimize oxygenation for mental clarity, recovery, and stamina. And you’ll integrate a method that supports your health and wellbeing, on and off the mat.

For training, for combat, for life.

Increase your Grappling-Specific Endurance and Boost Performance

If martial arts is your thing, you probably already have some mastery over your breathing. You use the breath to generate power and to access the deep flow states you need to perform.

But there’s more.

This online video course will give you a deep understanding of the breath, and how to breathe efficiently for maximal benefit. Discover unique exercises such as “feather breathing” that support your health and your warrior journey. And learn science-backed breathing techniques that bring you balance and resilience, from within.

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Learn to:

  • Improve your grappling or striking endurance
  • Recover faster from training, and between fights
  • Apply secrets used by Olympic-level athletes
  • Rewire your breath for results ON and OFF the mat
  • Make the best use of your time away from the mat with Peter’s unique exercises for health, including “feather breathing”
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Breathe! Recover and Regenerate

  • An online video course that teaches Oxygen Advantage® breathing for martial arts.
  • Get lifetime access to the course materials.
  • Learn from the expert.

COST: $50.00

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Your Instructor

Peter Lakatos is a trained Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor, Buteyko Clinic Master Instructor, StrongFirst Master Instructor, Expert 3 level KRAV MAGA Global Instructor, Master KaaTsu instructor, and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Carlson Gracie Team Hungary.

He teaches the Oxygen Advantage® method in simple, easy to follow routines. Gain true mastery over your cardio. Develop the stamina you need to finish your fights. Experience tailor-made optimal breathing for warriors.

Get the Oxygen Advantage® breathing for martial arts video course.

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Lifetime access: $50.00
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