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Anxiety is incredibly common. Even people who function at a high level can be very anxious. From the outside, anxiety can even look like success.

The truth is, it’s easy to brush anxious feelings off as part of the job or something you “just have to live with.” But this leads to burnout.

How do you know if an online course for anxiety will help? Well, you landed on this page for a reason. But if you have more questions than answers, read on…

First, it’s important to recognize the signs:

  • If you find yourself worrying a lot,
  • If your mind is quite active,
  • If you often feel tense during the day,
  • If you often run on nervous energy, and fear of failure drives your achievements,
  • If you lie in bed at night with thoughts running through your mind,
  • If you find yourself losing your temper a number of times during the day,
  • If you spend a lot of time living in your mind,
  • If you have difficulty paying attention…

It’s likely you live with anxiety.

This course will help you to understand the connection between your anxiety and breathing patterns, and teach you to overcome symptoms, for good.

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Breathing and anxiety go hand in hand. After all, one of the most common symptoms of anxiety is an intense feeling of suffocation.

This is because anxiety and panic disorder can make you breathe harder and faster. And hard, fast breathing can make you anxious, triggering a vicious cycle that leaves you constantly teetering on the brink of symptoms.

When this happens, panic attacks, and fear of experiencing an attack, can limit your quality of life. You might start using anxiety medication, which produces side effects. Or you may try mindfulness, only to find it’s almost unbearable to sit there, stuck in your own head.

But there’s good news.

If the way you breathe is contributing to or worsening your anxiety and panic symptoms, breathing can provide an effective natural remedy for anxiety too.

The learning in this online course for anxiety is tailored to help you overcome anxiety and panic disorder

  • Learn how to breathe during rest, exercise and sleep.
  • Discover how to balance your nervous system on demand, moving you out of fight or flight mode and into the relaxation response.
  • Understand why you may struggle with mindfulness, and how to experience the benefits of mental calm when you’re anxious.
  • Find out why hormonal fluctuations in women contribute to cyclical anxiety experienced as PMS.
  • Learn about the three dimensions of breathing, and how to apply them.
  • Discover the connection between sleep, breathing and anxiety, and learn to sleep well.
  • Practice techniques to stop a panic attack in its tracks, leaving you feeling confident and in control.

Why “taking a deep breath” doesn’t work

Breathing techniques have long been used to help with general anxiety and panic attacks. But many healthcare and therapy professionals focus only on slow breathing. This doesn’t work, because it can cause you to breathe too much air. And hyperventilation, or over-breathing, impacts levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in your blood.

Here’s the science…

Low CO2 triggers the hard, fast breathing that contributes to anxiety. What’s more, research reports that people who live with panic disorder have chronically low levels of blood CO2. And that when CO2 levels normalize, panic symptoms actually improve (Meuret et al., 2010). Which means that when you un-learn the habit of over-breathing, you will start to feel better.

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The Oxygen Advantage online course for anxiety and panic disorder includes:


  • 40 video lessons, including a tailored selection of breathing exercises, available to stream online via your Inspire 360 portal.
  • Lifetime access to all materials, so you never have to worry about forgetting the exercises.
  • A downloadable PDF of Patrick’s book, ‘Anxiety-Free Naturally’, which explains how to improve blood circulation and increase oxygenation of tissues and organs, most notably the brain. This book contains self-help tools designed to help you understand the nature of the mind, how to step out of thoughts and develop mental calm and clarity.

Take back control over your anxiety symptoms. Get the OA™ online course for anxiety and panic disorder today.

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COST: $40.00
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As part of the course, you will get a downloadable copy of Patrick McKeown’s book, Anxiety Free, Stop Worrying and Quieten Your Mind. This book by Patrick McKeown details simple breathing exercises to improve blood circulation and increase oxygenation of tissues and organs, most notably the brain. Also included are self-help tools designed to help you understand the nature of the mind and how to step out of thought.
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