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Revolutionize your fitness with the Oxygen Advantage®

Master the science to superior breathing.

By incorporating the Oxygen Advantage® technique into your fitness regime

you will increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body.

For an athlete, this competitive edge is gold.

The Oxygen Advantage® technique teaches you how to:

  • Increase exercise intensity while expending less effort and breathing less heavily

  • Simulate high altitude training to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity

  • Improve energy levels, concentration, and mental focus

  • Become fitter and stronger

You’ll feel the benefits of high altitude training
(5,000m/17,000ft) with just one week of practice!

Learn It, Teach It

Apply the Oxygen Advantage® Technique today:

Oxygen Advantage Double DVD Set with immediate online streaming

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Attend a Workshop with Patrick McKeown

3-Hour Workshop in the Oxygen Advantage® technique at a location near you.

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Become an Oxygen Advantage® Certified Instructor

3-Day Instructor Training with Patrick McKeown. Teach the technique to your clients.

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