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There’s a reason breathwork training is experiencing an explosion in popularity. It empowers us to manage preventable health conditions, balances physical and mental states, and creates potent physical adaptations that give us sporting superpowers.

If you aren’t yet offering breathwork training as part of your health, wellbeing, sports or performance business, an Oxygen Advantage® certification provides a safe, scientific, and well-regarded solution. 

  • Choose from a range of breathwork certification options.
  • Learn to teach breathwork as a standalone or integrate it into your existing practice.
  • Get access to branded marketing materials and affiliate income.
  • Take advantage of ongoing professional development and support.
  • Complete your training online or in person.
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Who is breathwork teacher training for?

If you work in sports, traditional or alternative healthcare, as a yoga or Pilates teacher, soccer coach, physiotherapist, fitness coach, medical doctor, occupational therapist, osteopath, speech therapist, psychotherapist, martial arts teacher, performing arts teacher, hypnotherapist, Alexander Technique teacher, caregiver, performance coach, or in any profession that involves unlocking potential — breathwork certification is for you.

No prior experience of breathwork is necessary. The OA™ breathwork training will give you a deep practical and theoretical understanding, and the tools to apply simple exercises in ways that are directly relevant to your clients and students.

Functional Breathing Instructor Training

Add a New Dimension to Your Health or Sports Business

Fully Online Video Training | 8 Breathing Exercises | Learn at Your Own Pace


Complete your breathwork training online — in your own time. Explore functional breathing from a scientific, practical, accessible standpoint.

  • Optimize performance
  • Promote better sleep and a better quality of life
  • Boost mental focus and reduce anxiety
  • Manage symptoms of many common health complaints
  • Get certified to teach Oxygen Advantage®
  • Inspire your students, clients, or patients, whatever their needs

Live Advanced Instructor Training

Learn Live with Patrick McKeown

14 Hours’ Live Online Training | 14 Breathing Exercises | Instructor Training Manual


Get certified to teach both pillars of the Oxygen Advantage® method — functional breathing and simulation of high-altitude training. Learn direct from the method’s founder, Patrick McKeown.

The advanced breathwork training includes:

  • Live online classes with Patrick, covering topics including sleep, stress, and anxiety
  • A library of video lessons exploring the theory and practice of the OA™ method
  • Copies of the instructor training manual and athletes’ manual
  • A hard copy of Patrick’s book, The Breathing Cure

International Instructor Trainings

Learn from a Master Instructor, Online or In-Person

Live Training | International Venues | Immersive Learning


Our international instructor training courses offer an opportunity to take the advanced certification online or in person with one of our Master Instructors. Intensive workshops are held in Australia, the Americas, Europe, the UK and Asia, in a number of languages. The cost of these workshops varies. Please visit our International Events page to see our full global schedule of breathwork training.


If you have already registered for and trained in the Buteyko Certificate Method with Buteyko Clinic International, you are entitled to a $200 USD discount on Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor training (online + zoom classes with Patrick, or In Person training with Patrick). The same applies to certified Advanced OA instructors wishing to certify as Buteyko Method Instructors.

*No discount is applicable for OA Functional Breathing Training in the above circumstances.

If you have registered for OA Functional Breathing Instructor Training and wish to upgrade to OA Advanced Instructor Training (online + live classes), the price of your initial course will be deducted from your fee. The cost to upgrade is $600 USD.

If you have registered for OA Functional Breathing Instructor Training and wish to upgrade to OA Advanced In Person training with Patrick, you are entitled to $200 USD or €200 Euros off the training course fee.

Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange your discount.

Still not sure which breathwork teacher training to choose?
Check our comparison table for a quick overview:

Your Investment: $395.00 $995.00


7-9 Functional Breathing exercises
17 High-Altitude Simulation exercises
Online multiple choice answer exam
Client assessment form
Submit case studies and receive feedback
Step-by-step instructional videos
Listing on OA website as a certified Instructor
14 hours of online Zoom coaching with Patrick McKeown
Lifetime access to training materials and regular content updates


Instructor manual downloadable soft copy
Instructor manual hard copy
Athletes manual downloadable soft copy
Extensive online library of research papers and the latest breathing science?
Regular masterclasses with Master Instructors (specialized topics)


Access to continuous support from the Oxygen Advantage® team via email
Access to direct support from Patrick McKeown during live video sessions
Access to Instructors’ Facebook Group for further discussions


Certification Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Breathing Instructor
How long will it take me? Self paced training with lifetime access to materials and certification, no renewal fees. Certification can be completed in approx. 10 weeks. Self paced training with lifetime access to materials and certification, no renewal fees. Certification can be completed in approx. 12 weeks.

Product information

Get certified to teach OA™ and transform health and performance for your students.



Product information

Get certified to teach OA™ functional breathing and high-altitude simulation, in live online training.

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