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The Benefits:

  • Enhance aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • Boost EPO, safely and legally
  • Increase your lactate threshold and delay fatigue
  • Access focus and flow states on tap
  • Clear your nose and reduce exercise-induced asthma


Invincible Breathing for Mental and Physical Performance

The OA™ online breathing course is perfect for anyone new to breathwork. It’s the ideal next step if you’ve read Patrick’s bestselling book, The Oxygen Advantage and want to go deeper. And if you already practice another breathing method, you’ll find unique techniques you can add to your training toolkit for maximal results.

COST: $50.00

Whatever your fitness level, health profile or age, this breathing course provides science-backed techniques that:

  • Increase oxygen delivery to every cell in your body
  • Improve sleep
  • Enhance blood circulation to the brain and organs
  • Unblock your nose
  • Reduce stress
  • Build resilience
  • Minimize breathlessness and symptoms of asthma
  • Begin to build respiratory fitness, regardless of your starting point


This course is fully online and made up of user-friendly video modules that you can watch at your own pace. Here’s what to expect:

  • Unique breathing exercises demonstrated and explained by Oxygen Advantage® creator Patrick McKeown, in two hours’ worth of videos.
  • A complete 30-minute video class with Patrick.
  • Learn how to integrate the technique into your life with easy, step-by-step instruction.
  • Start right away – log in details will be sent to your inbox directly after purchase.
  • Understand how to use the BOLT score to measure your breathlessness, and your body’s sensitivity to carbon dioxide.
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In this breathing course, you will learn how to use the breath to achieve better health and quality of life. And to create adaptations in your body that will enhance your sports performance.

Your coach, Oxygen Advantage® founder Patrick McKeown, suffered with severe asthma during childhood and into his 20s. His symptoms impacted his day-to-day life and education. And the severity of his condition was set to seriously limit his future potential.

Now, Patrick is living proof of the benefits that correct breathing, and a handful of simple techniques, can bring.

Just by breathing in the way Patrick teaches, it is possible to prevent and reduce a wide range of common illnesses. You can boost your energy and focus, and lower stress and anxiety. This can open up possibilities for health and performance that may have previously seemed out of reach.

Even if you’re at the height of your fitness, you can experience changes that improve balance, resilience, speed and endurance.

The OA™ technique is based on three fundamentals of functional breathing:

  • Biochemistry — how sensitive the body is to the build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood.
  • Biomechanics — whether breathing is from the diaphragm or in the upper chest.
  • Cadence/coherent breathing — reducing the respiratory rate to between 4.5 and 6.5 breaths per minute.

The three dimensions of breathing are shared in a unique, simple series of protocols that can be used at rest and during exercise.

This is an accessible program, designed to retrain the breath. The focus is on light, slow and deep breathing.

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PART 1: 
Practical Demonstration of the Breathing Exercises
  • Learn how to unblock your nose, so you can breathe through it
  • Measure your breathlessness with the Body Oxygen Level Test (BOLT)
  • Breathe Light to Breathe Right
  • Practice the OA™ warm-up
  • Simulate training at high altitude, at different exercise intensities
  • Try the advanced exercise to simulate high altitude training
Part 2: 
How the Exercises Work
  • Understand the BOLT score and discover 3 steps to increase it
  • How the nose unblocking exercise works
  • Breathe Light to Breathe Right, explained
  • Your OA warm up, in detail
  • Adding physical exercise to Breathe Light to Breathe Right
  • Learn to recover your breathing
  • High altitude simulation, explained
  • How to set a breathing program suited to your health and BOLT score
Part 3: 
The Science
  • Breathing efficiency — why it matters and how to get it
  • VO2 max and running economy
  • Measure your tolerance to breathlessness
  • Nasal nitric oxide — a miracle gas
  • Mouth breathing in children — what to look out for
  • What the scientists say about breathing exercises and rhinitis in asthma
  • How high-altitude simulation works
  • Implementing the breath-holding techniques
  • Breath holding to reduce free radicals
  • Reducing acidosis

The breathing exercises are often very simple, but extremely effective. This nose unblocking exercise clears the nasal cavity, so you can breathe easily through your nose. It’s the first breathing exercise Patrick McKeown ever tried. He was so struck by its effects that he set out to learn everything he could about healthy breathing. And the rest is history!

Want more of the Oxygen Advantage®?

COST: $50.00

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