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The Oxygen Advantage Book

The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown was first published on 15 September 2015 by Harper Collins (USA) and Little, Brown Book Group (UK). It has since been published in Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia. The book is set to be published in Taiwan and Saudi Arabia.

Critical Praise:

I’m amazed more people don’t talk about the benefits of nasal breathing. I read The Oxygen Advantage last summer and have experienced almost complete recovery from lifelong asthma and hay fever symptoms.” — Reader, Mark Dowsett

I’m an NFL wide receiver and my Bolt Score was 13. Three weeks later it’s 30 and improving; running has gotten so much easier. I’m in better shape for another opportunity because I’m so much better at the simple act of breathing. It really does add up!” — Jay Wisner, NFL Free Agent

Patrick’s book, The Oxygen Advantage is a godsend for anyone wishing to improve their performance in a way that doesn’t involve hours of strenuous workouts, drills, and endless miles of running. I’ve been doing nose breathing for the past ten years and it has totally revolutionized my running and seriously dropped my effort levels… at every speed! It’s simple to incorporate into your training and your daily life, and the results are astounding. I now recommend it in all of my running classes and training programs. Every runner or athlete should have this book. If you’re not breathing right, you’re working too hard.” — Danny Dreyer, Founder ChiRunning and ChiWalking

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