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Breathing for Yoga
Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown, globally esteemed breathing specialist and Buteyko expert, has transformed the lives of thousands with his revolutionary approach to breathing. Trained at Moscow’s Buteyko Clinic, Patrick’s passion lies at the intersection of traditional yoga practices and modern science.

His acclaimed book, “The Oxygen Advantage,” showcases his dedication to enhancing athletic performance through breathwork. Now, with “Breathing for Yoga”, co-authored with Anastasis Tzanis, Patrick marries ancient yogic wisdom with his profound knowledge of breathing techniques.

As a TEDx speaker and Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology, his expertise not only challenges but also elevates traditional practices, ensuring yoga enthusiasts unlock their fullest potential.

Benefits of the Book

Revolutionary manual combining modern science, clinically-proven breathing techniques, and ancient yogic wisdom

Enhance your physical practice, mental well-being, and overall health

Understand misconceptions about breathing in the modern yoga world and their impact

In your hands is the operating manual for new and old yogis alike.

For the past 20 years, McKeown has researched why so many of us breathe so poorly and how we can do it better and improve our lives. He’s spent several more years piecing together this carefully constructed compendium of yoga knowledge and distilling it into step-by-step directions, illustrations, scientific context, biomechanics, biochemistry, and more!

My advice: Take a seat, shut your mouth, breathe it in.

James Nestor

In this Book, you will Learn:


  • Enhance your physical practice and lower the risk of injury
  • Learn breathing techniques to self-regulate, gain control over your nervous system, and diminish stress, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • Increase mindfulness and cultivate a deeper mind-body connection
  • Learn the connection between physiology and the mind, and how to optimise gas exchange and open the lungs
  • Reduce breathlessness during yoga, and boost stamina, endurance, and recovery time
  • Learn the three pillars of sleep, breath, and the mind, and their interconnection
  • Optimise energy flow and strengthen your connection to self
  • Dramatically reduce snoring, sleep apnea, and insomnia; decongest the nose; and improve menopause symptoms
  • Enhance your overall health and wellbeing

What if you are only tapping into 75% of the full potential of yoga?

If there was a simple and free way to harness the other 25% and make dramatic improvements in both your asana practice and overall health, would you want to know what it is?


This revolutionary yoga and breathing manual unites modern science, with clinically-proven breathing techniques, and the (mostly) forgotten wisdom of ancient Yogis to enhance your yoga practice.

Written by international breath expert Patrick McKeown and leading yoga, breath, and nutrition educator Anastasis Tzanis, this is an essential book for every practitioner and instructor.

What’s Wrong with the Current Approach to Breathing in Yoga?


Breath practices in many modern yoga classes, particularly those in the West, have drifted away from their yogic origins. Misconceptions about the breath are widely shared in modern studios, and they can increase the risk of injury and worsen breathing function, stress, and long-term health. One example of this is the common instruction to ‘take a big, deep breath’ in yoga. This can cause blood vessels to narrow and reduce oxygen delivery to the tissues and organs (including the heart and brain).

Breathing for Yoga dispels misleading breathing myths and gives you a clear understanding of the science and application of functional breathing. It contains clinically proven techniques based on Patrick McKeown’s 21 years of research and experience. Patrick has successfully helped thousands of people with asthma, respiratory complaints, anxiety, panic disorder, and sleep disorders to optimise their breathing and health, and his proven ‘Oxygen Advantage®’ methods are revealed in this book.

An Essential Book for Every Yoga Instructor


If you’re a yoga instructor, this book will allow you to gain an understanding of the science of breathing. This is vital so that you don’t unknowingly impart incorrect and potentially harmful advice.

Incorporating these teachings into your classes will make you stand out from other instructors and allow you to really make a difference in your students’ lives! You’ll also gain all the information you need to safely and effectively teach entire breathing classes at yoga studios so that you can help more people and open up a whole new revenue stream.

Beneficial for Every Yoga Student

If you’re a yogi, this book is for you too! It provides a practical guide to incorporating healthy breathing in your yoga practice and daily life.

By learning to breathe optimally 24/7, you will improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury during your yoga practice. Perhaps more importantly, you will gain greater control over your mental, emotional, and physical health.

If you suffer with asthma, anxiety, panic disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, snoring, or sleep apnea, you could experience a profound reduction in symptoms.


The Marriage of Yoga & Oxygen Advantage® Breathing


The Oxygen Advantage® exercises in this book include functional breathing from a multidimensional perspective and controlled and safe stressor exercises to cause bodily adaptations for enhanced health, and mental and physical performance.

Breathing for Yoga will teach you how to tailor your breathing to fit your current health status, how your breathing affects your asana practice and wellbeing, and how to breathe optimally both on and off the mat.

The goal of this book is not to challenge tradition but to understand it, question it, and apply it, so you can experience deeper, more lasting benefits from your practice.

We hope to enlighten enough people about the power and importance of optimal breathing, that there will be a breath revolution in the yoga world.

This, in turn, would allow the hundreds of millions of people globally who practise yoga to enhance their practice, along with their health and wellbeing.

Breathing for Yoga

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Coming 15th September 2023. Pre order your signed copy. International postage.

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