The Oxygen Advantage 3-Tier Base Camp for Business

Breathe Life into Your Workplace and Scale the Market with Our Sustainable Corporate Wellness Program

The Oxygen Advantage three-tier Base Camp for Business is a whole-person approach for stress management, physical and mental wellbeing, and peak performance at work.

Devised by former Wall Street trader and tennis pro, Daniel Pålsson, with Oxygen Advantage® founder Patrick McKeown, this is a uniquely customizable, practical solution, ideal for in person, remote and hybrid schedules.

Discover the power of science-backed breath coaching. Explore healthy habits that enhance productivity, adaptability and creativity. And experience the breathtaking exhilaration that accompanies the view from the top.

Our Three ‘Levels’ of Training

Sneak Peak Camp

  • A week-long breathwork intensive. Learn the basics of the Oxygen Advantage method and start to see results.
  • Discover the real-life benefits of breathing exercises, and what they mean for productivity.
  • Learn to change your brain states to activate your genius.

Breath Base Camp

  • A 30-day breathwork intensive. Dive deep into the Oxygen Advantage exercises, and how to apply them for stress, sleep, and six-figure deals.
  • See measurable results in terms of body chemistry, productivity and employee wellbeing.
  • Realize positive cultural change.

Peak Performance Camp

  • A fully tailored breathing program. We make a minimum 1-year commitment to you.
  • Attend live workshops with Oxygen Advantage Master Instructors at your workplace.
  • Make wellness and employee empowerment part of your company’s DNA with a fully integrated breathwork program and regular biofeedback progress checks.

A powerful strategic investment

In the wake of a global pandemic, the world’s most competitive companies are turning their focus to employee sustainability. Creative leaders and market analysts agree. It pays to keep good people well.

  •  74% of employers with strategic, holistic wellbeing programs report an uptick in employee satisfaction [Virgin Pulse].
  • Employees who show up day after day provide a 6x return on wellness investments (Baicker et al., 2010).
  • Corporate wellness programs lead to better engagement. Highly engaged workers are 17% more productive, helping their companies to increase customer ratings by 10% and sales by 20% [Gallup].
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We can help YOU gain a competitive Advantage

As “workplace wellness” gains traction, it’s easy to get swamped in a sea of box-checking solutions.

But Oxygen Advantage Base Camp for Business is miles above sea level…

We have 20 years’ experience teaching scientific breathing techniques that integrate seamlessly into your schedule to boost performance, enhance balance and deepen focus. And we’ve worked with businesses including IKEA and LinkedIn.

You’ll see measurable results within a few days. Long-term there are myriad proven benefits for mental and physical health.

What’s more, scientists report that the way you breathe day and night can influence the severity of COVID-19 infection (Martel et al., 2020). And it can boost your immunity, helping you and your team stay safe.

Your Guides

Daniel Pålsson

Daniel is an Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor who knows a thing or two about high-pressure. He’s been a Wall Street trader and professional tennis player. And he’s pushed himself to run several ultramarathons. He’s a long-term yoga practitioner, with a daily crossfit regime.

Daniel has practiced breath training for many years. He is certified to teach Oxygen Advantage® and holds an Elite HRV certification. HRV, or heart rate variability, is the primary metric we use to track physiological changes in breathwork.

Daniel uses data-driven apps and devices in his teaching, to measure progress and induce flow states. In his Flow Switch podcast, Daniel explores the subject of performance, and the structures and habits of high achievers. Flow ensures sustainable high performance. It is also the first step in realizing your full potential.


Patrick McKeown is creator and Master Instructor of the Oxygen Advantage® method. Let’s hear the rest in Patrick’s own words, from his 2021 book, Atomic Focus:

“In 1997, I happened across a newspaper article about the breath. It described how I could improve oxygen delivery, achieve deep sleep and alter my brain states using simple breathing exercises. This article changed my life. My intuition, creativity, concentration and focus flourished.

Now, 20 years on, with 8 books published in 14 languages, patented breathing products, and 700 instructors worldwide who I have trained, I feel I have something to share on the subjects of focus, concentration and success.

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people — in business, SWAT, military, sports, and from every walk of life. I am fortunate to be able to help others reach their potential on a daily basis.” — Patrick McKeown

Breathing exercises — the benefits

Breathing is the foundation of good health and good business.

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  • Reduces stress (the #1 cause of disease)
  • Improves blood flow to the cells and organs, including the brain
  • Enhances restorative, quality sleep
  • Removes toxins via the lungs
  • Boosts circulation and improves blood pressure
  • Supports healthy posture
  • Reduces back pain, neck pain and headaches
  • Relieves asthma
  • Provides a first line of immune defense
  • Reduces the need for addictive stimulants
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  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps stop insomnia
  • Improves symptoms that lead to depression
  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves clarity and focus
  • Stops a racing mind
  • Enhances decision making
  • Supports healthy relationships
  • Builds an overall sense of wellbeing and self-esteem
  • Helps you keep attention in the present
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  • Cultivates creativity
  • Enhances intuitive decision making
  • Improves empathy
  • Supports work/life balance
  • Improves drive and productivity
  • Encourages goal setting
  • Improves interpersonal relationships
  • Boosts emotional intelligence
  • Improves adaptability and resilience
  • Deepens insight
Unless you actively nurture these vital elements, your business will plateau. And in the struggle for the summit, your employees, and your profits, will fall by the wayside.

What’s more, scientists report that the way you breathe day and night can influence the severity of COVID-19 infection (Martel et al., 2020). And it can boost your immunity, helping you and your team stay safe. More Info


When people feel rested, nourished, safe, and that they belong, they are able to achieve peak performance, which has been shown to increase productivity by 500%.

What is Breathwork?

The demand for breathwork programs is currently exploding. But breathwork is more than “just breathing.” It’s about consciously manipulating the breath. And it’s the single most direct tool for altering mental and physical states. It’s simple, safe and cost-effective. Used correctly, it boosts sleep quality, balances stress and enhances overall mind/body health.

In fact, breathing is the starting point for every health-giving activity, from mindfulness to your core workout. It’s the ground on which mental health, physical wellbeing, and self-confidence are all built. The starting point for every positive step forward. And it’s the ultimate in sustainability — for health, for life and for business.

OA training with Patrick McKeown



“Through Patrick’s workshops our team have learnt the importance of breathing correctly and the impact it can have on sleep and handling stress… Our team really engaged with him and enjoyed learning the different breathing exercises. We received very positive feedback from our team and would highly recommend Patrick’s workshop.”


Analog Devices International

“Patrick delivered a very engaging session at Analog Devices.  His 20+ years of experience in using and teaching his optimal breathing technique shines through. Patrick’s own story, his practical and down-to-earth style, and the scientific underpinning of his teaching made for a session that far exceeded everyone’s expectation.  That’s the remarkable thing about the Oxygen Advantage program – the techniques are simple and easy to follow and can be applied on a day-to-day basis ….but there is some considerable science under the bonnet.  We’re looking forward to having Patrick back to learn more about the Oxygen Advantage and its positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, how we deal with stress, and our performance at work”

What we can do for you

Oxygen Advantage is a world leader in breathing science and peak performance.
Our solution focuses on 3 vital elements of success.

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Breathwork is never one-size-fits-all. It’s tailored to the individual. Which means every member of your team can benefit, whatever their starting point.

  • Learn to measure resilience and balance using heart rate variability biofeedback.
  • Discover how simple changes to your breathing pattern can promote the restorative sleep your brain needs to function.
  • Build the inner stability essential for every area of work and life.
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Focus and concentration are vital to success, but they are rarely taught. What’s more, there are physiological factors that can actually dampen your intelligence, and these can be controlled using the breath. For instance, have you ever thought about how much oxygen your brain needs to operate? And did you know, when you are highly stressed, your brain actually shrinks?

  • Tap into your nervous system and regulate stress for clear thinking throughout the workday.
  • Anchor your attention on the breath to train focus and concentration.
  • Learn special breathing techniques to optimize blood flow and oxygen delivery to your brain so it has the fuel to work hard.
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The breath is a powerful tool for accessing, flow states, promoting creativity and inspiring confidence.

  • Find out how to down and up-regulate your nervous system.
  • Use micro-resets to keep you firing on all cylinders.
  • Discover techniques to use during travel and dead time, before high-pressure meetings, speaker events and negotiations, to avoid jet lag, regulate your mood, and to unwind for a good night’s sleep.

BONUS Feature — Atomic Focus

Your training program includes a downloadable copy of Oxygen Advantage Founder, Patrick McKeown’s latest book, Atomic Focus.


“To harness your full potential, in business, sport, performance and relationships, you need a solid physiological foundation. Without it, you will never achieve the control of the mind, resilience, and energy necessary to succeed. Or, you’ll achieve some level of success, only to burn out trying.

Atomic Focus offers a simple, practical, scientific way to bypass the self-sabotage happening in your own brain, to achieve the best concentration and mental clarity of your life.”

Training Overview

Oxygen Advantage® Base Camp for Business is a three-tier approach. Start at the bottom and progress to the higher levels. Or find the altitude that works best for you. Our breathing experts can work with between 40 and 100 employees. Training takes place over a single week, a month, a year, or as an ongoing commitment. Whichever tier of training you choose, you’ll learn practical tools that support a healthy, vibrant and productive workplace culture. And a thriving business.

Here’s our destination guide for your breath camp journey…

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Tier 1: Sneak Peak Camp

A one-week online intensive. We’ll focus on techniques to balance the nervous system, up-regulating and down-regulating on demand. Take a sneak peek at simple, scientific breathing exercises and the theory behind why they work,


  • For up to 100 team members
  • Kick off with a 1-hour live online meeting
  • Follow a goal-oriented training schedule
  • Take part in a powerful daily breathing practice of between 5 and 15 minutes
  • Round off the week with another 1-hour live online meeting
illustration of people on weighing scale - balance between work and health

Empower your workforce to feel better and work better.

Next step: Join our corporate training program or continue to Breath Base Camp.

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Good business, like good breathing, thrives on good habits.

illustation of people hitting business targets and goals

Tier 2: Breath Base Camp

A 30-day deep dive into breathing, during which you will acclimatize to breathing and its potential. Experience the Oxygen Advantage advanced training and use biofeedback devices to measure progress. Discover techniques to boost focus, concentration and productivity.


  • For up to 40 team members
  • Join a weekly 1-hour live online meeting
  • Use biofeedback to test your starting point
  • Follow a goal-oriented training schedule
  • Take part in a quick and powerful daily breathing practice of between 5 and 15 minutes
  • Use biofeedback to test your progress

Next step: Join our corporate training program or continue to Peak Performance Camp.

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Tier 3: Peak Performance Camp

If you already believe that optimal breathing and sleep are key and are ready to integrate wellbeing into your company culture, let’s scale the heights together in Peak Performance Camp.

You’ll go deep into balance, focus and performance, and learn how and when to use the breathing techniques, day and night. And you’ll integrate our breathing method into every aspect of your life.

You’ll also learn to use flow and flow-state triggers for habit-building. By the end of the training, you’ll know exactly how to breathe at work, at rest, during physical activity and even when you’re asleep — for optimal progress and long-term success.


  • For up to 40 team members
  • We’ll come to you to kick off the training
  • Join a weekly 1-hour live online meeting
  • Use biofeedback to test your starting point
  • Follow a goal-oriented training schedule
  • Take part in a quick and powerful daily breathing practice of between 5 and 15 minutes
  • Monthly biofeedback to test your progress
  • Biofeedback tests at the end of the training
  • Plus, up to 2 live on-site events, to suit your needs
illustration of person climbing on stairs toward business success

High altitude training, for high achievers.

“I make sure to breathe only through my nose during sleep, so I wake up feeling alert and in good form. I use light, slow and deep breathing to hack my brain and optimize creativity and intuition. It’s now easy for me to reach a deep state of concentration for a reasonably long time. No distractions. Not much mind wandering. I get stuff done.”

— Patrick Mckeown, Atomic Focus

Oxygen Advantage Base Camp for Business

3-Tier Base Camp for Business Tier 1: Sneak Peak Camp Tier 2: Breath Base Camp Tier 3: Peak Performance Camp
Duration 1 week 1 month 1 year
Goal oriented daily program
Monitor progress with biofeedback
On-site training
Members 100 40 40

Want to breathe life into your business, boosting sustainability and profitability from the inside out?

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