Michael Mason
United Kingdom


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I’m Swiss qualified Ski Instructor, I teach Traditional Japanese Martial Arts (5th Dan) I’m a personal Strength trainer.
I now live back in the UK where I’m running Retreats based on a Carnivore diet, strength training and meditation/breathing and mindset.

I have trained in Martial arts since I was 9, have lived in Switzerland for the last 15 years where I taught skiing and worked as a bodyguard for VIP’s during their ski holidays.

I now run my personal training business from the UK and the retreats will be in the Scottish Highlands.

I do face to face and online coaching and am looking to expand the retreat side of my business.

Functional breathing started for me when i started to mouth tape at night and lean how to breath through the nose whilst sleeping – this has had a profound effect on me and answered many questions I had about anxiety, dreams during sleep.

I use the breathing methods during my training particularly nasal breathing.

Functional breathing really has been the missing link for me regarding health, wellness and mindset and really helped to demystify some of the Woowoo connotations regarding meditation etc.

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