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Hello!  My name is Abbey.  Learning to observe and alter the rhythm of my breath has created a big shift in my life.  Breathwork is an amazing tool to cope with the busy chatter of stress, fear, anxiety, and trauma.  I think one of the best parts about breathwork is that you literally have these tools with you wherever you go and can resource them at any time.

In tandem with breathwork I work as a Rolf Practitioner.  This is a type of bodywork that aids in posture and alignment through the manipulation of fascia.  It is a great way to overcome compensation patterns and gain freedom and flexibility in the body.  Breathing strengthens and opens different areas in the body so it can really help with spinal pain as well.

I am a trauma-informed practitioner, currently studying somatics and the nervous system.  If what you are reading peaks an interest, please feel free to contact me.  I am available for in person and zoom sessions.  I live on Kauai, Hawaii and spend time up in Alaska for work and play.  All contact info can be found on my website.  Thank you for reading.

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