Adam Burgess
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom

Adam is curious, optimistic, and present. He is passionate about health, happiness, and human performance. A Tokyo 2020 Canoe Slalom Olympic Finalist who enjoys good coffee.

In 2017 Adam began his breath education to rehab a shoulder injury. He quickly became fascinated by the power of breathing and how the manipulation of this simple act possesses the ability to create a chosen physical/mental state and can build a stronger, healthier, more resilient body.

In 2021 he trained as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor with Master Instructor: Gray Caws.

With his sights still firmly set on Olympic Gold, Adam’s offering is an exceptionally rare perspective often not shared until after retirement from sport. Adam knows that the habits he practices for a competitive edge are the same habits we can all use to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Thanks to his values for service and community, he was motivated to complete this certification and share these learnings with the world.

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