Adam Campbell
Northern Ireland


  • Northern Ireland



I am an integrative therapist, working online and meeting for walking therapy. Online therapy is across UK/Ireland/Europe and Walking Therapy is located North Coast in the North of Ireland. This consists of taking therapy into nature, walking at a comfortable pace, in sync with each other whilst incorporating mindfulness/breathing, movement and therapy.

I have been an Integrative therapist for 5 years with much of my work and learning centred around trauma, early years attachment, relationships, managing stress/mental resilience and connecting physical health through movement and breathing techniques.

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My work within previous 10+ years has seen me provide one-one support and facilitating group work within prisons, hostels, schools, family homes and community groups. 

Oxygen Advantage has been a extremely valuable addition to my own sports performance alongside therapy practice. Introducing the power of nasal breathing to work with individuals to support and maintain focus, concentration and mental resilience alongside supporting with trauma/re-connecting with the body, anxiety, sleep difficulties, depression, over-thinking and sport performance. 

Physically, I teach and work with people close to North Coast of Northern Ireland however I am also working alongside individuals in mainland UK, south of Ireland and within EU. 

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