Adam Hale


  • Israel


Co-Founder of the freediving school “Freedive Israel” an Apnea Total master instructor, Pranayama Yoga instructor, advanced Oxygen Advantage® instructor, and a devoted Wim Hof Method Practitioner.

The sea and the water were always an inseparable part of my life, my mother delivered me into this world in water. As a child and in youth as a swimmer and a spearfisherman (boy) I was attracted to the water and the sea with all my heart. After my military service as a commander in the airborne engineer unit, I flew to travel the world. During my travels, I learned the techniques of freediving and breath-holding. From that moment I became ‘addicted’ to the peacefulness experienced by breath-holding at the depths of the sea. Then I decided to abandon all my pursuits and be as much as possible underwater. As a freediver, I discovered that to be a better freediver I must become a better version of myself and become a calmer, stronger, healthier, and more aware human being. I dedicate my time to learning about my body, meditation, breathing, and training techniques to do so. With time I started sharing and teaching my passion to every person that shows interest and very soon I opened a center for practicing and teaching freediving, yoga, and breathing as a holistic approach for living life at its best.

I love the approach that ” Breathing is fundamental, breath is life. Many of us are busy in one way or another during the day with how much exercise we do? or what we eat? what did we drink? what diet is most effective for my body\blood, etc.
What may elude us is that it is possible to live a whole life without sport, lots of days without eating, a few single days without drinking, but without breathing only a few minutes. If we correct the breath, everything else will correct itself… “.

For me, the Oxygen Advantage® is the missing part of the picture. After I read the Oxygen Advantage® book I dove deep into Patrick McKeown teachings and then I decided to become an Oxygen Advantage® instructor and integrate the Principles into all other practices, so my students and I will reach a better understanding of ourselves.

You can find me on the shores of the Red Sea in Eilat – Israel.

I offer one on one sessions, group sessions, personal coaching, and much more.

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