Adam Harris


  • Italy



Hi, I’m Adam Harris, an English person, currently living in Padova, Italy.

I was previously a research mathematician and now I’m the founder of Breathers Health & Meditation and developer of the “Breathers” app, a project to help people breathe better.

I was introduced to the transformative power of breathing a few years ago when a friend bought me the “Wim Hof Method” book. From there I discovered Coherent/Cadence breathing and Oxygen Advantage.

I feel that the effects of dysfunctional breathing are vastly overlooked in society today and want to do something to help raise awareness of this and to help people learn these powerful, natural techniques that can change their lives for the better.

In particular, I originally built the Breathers app to help myself practice cadence breathing and then realised it might do some good in the world if I turned it into a full blown thing.

I’m available for consultation by English speakers online – anyone who thinks that breathing might improve their life. You can contact me via the from on our website:

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