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An avid swimmer and yogi, I have been teaching yoga for nearly two decades and am the founder of InHale Yoga Studio in Hale, Cheshire where I teach Hatha Flow, Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for Sports – in groups and 1-2-1.

It is my aim as a Yoga Instructor to encourage as many people as possible to move their bodies as much as possible.  In life and most sports, movement can be pretty linear and by asking people to mindfully engage with their bodies as we move through all 6 degrees of freedom on the mat (functional movement), they begin to ease niggles and stuck areas and start to feel great.

Getting people to connect with their bodies has been a relatively simple and enjoyable challenge.  However, getting people to add in the extra dimension of the breath has not been so easy!

To me, the Oxygen Advantage is the missing link … and I am honoured to be able to share these science-backed, functional breathing techniques in classes, workshops and privately (all on Zoom and in person).

These sessions are a wonderful way to connect the breath, body and mind; relieve stress and tension and help with any respiratory and sleep related issues.  As an added bonus, they also provide valuable tools that can be used to enhance performance and stamina in all sports.

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