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Adrian Bilyk


I am a graduate student, studying Exercise Physiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After laboring through most of my early adult years with breathing problems, mostly due to nasal congestion and chronic mouth breathing, I discovered Patrick McKeown’s book, The Oxygen Advantage, which helped me improve my breathing patterns and ultimately changed my life. I began studying more about breathing techniques used to enhance quality of life and athletic performance, and while there is still so much left for me to learn about this topic, I decided to implement the Oxygen Advantage principles in my graduate project. I hope to make a positive impact on recreational runners’ quality of life and athletic performance by teaching them these principles during my project and provide more support for the importance of proper breathing patterns in athletes and the general public. Following my graduation at the end of 2019, I anticipate starting a career as a health & fitness professional and continuing to teach the Oxygen Advantage method to more people as it continues to evolve. I currently coach group CrossFit classes and conduct private coaching sessions at The Foundry – Union Station CrossFit in Chicago, IL.