Adrianne Nina Hoskins
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  • United States of America


Adrianne Nina, is a wellness and fitness coach based in Los Angeles, CA. She is certified by the International Sport Science Association (ISSA) and is a Mike Boyle Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC). In addition, Adrianne holds certifications in Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 & 2, Animal Flow Level 1 & 2, Pre/Post/Pro-Natal Training, and K3 Combat Movement Systems.

Adrianne’s first introduction to breathwork was thru Kundalini Yoga, a practice that it mostly done through total nasal breathing. Although breathing has alway been a part of her training, it had been in the pattern of a nasal inhale and an oral exhale. Noticing the positive affects that this method of breathing had on her and wanting to share it with others, lead her to becoming an Oxygen Advantage Instructor. The principles of the Oxygen Advantage are the baseline of her one-on-one and group training sessions.

Her training approach is to help people reach their optimal level of health and fitness from the inside out using their forgotten innate abilities. Having worked with a diverse population of individuals over a course of many years, Adrianne realizes there is more to getting into one’s best shape ever than diet and exercise alone. She provides a whole wellness experience that focuses on improving the functions of the body’s internal systems to enhance movement capacity and physical appearance.

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