Adriano Perez
United States of America


  • United States of America



Adriano is a strength and conditioning coach with 8 years of experience, training jiu-jitsu competitors for tournaments as well as the general population who’s looking to gain strength, endurance, mobility and weight loss.

For the last three years Adriano has been teaching Conscious Connected Breathwork classes to help those who need emotional stress relief as well as holding space for plant medicine ceremonies.

After becoming an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor Adriano stared to coach all his current clients how to breathe for sports performance, better sleep, recovery, anxiety, asthma, and etc…

Adriano coaches clients online from anywhere in the world or in person for those who live in Los Angeles. Online sessions and in person sessions can be private one on one, couples or groups.
Adriano is also a life coach helping people from all walks of life to find their purpose, overcome fears and design a plan of action to achieve goals. Life coaching sessions are online for anyone in the world or in person for those who live in LA.

Adriano lives in Santa Monica – California and enjoy the outdoors, the beach and mountains. Also, Adriano plays the indigenous flute as a form of meditation and to relaxation.

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