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My name is Alecia Heimes. I live in northeast Nebraska and have three children. I work as a school psychologist and I am also a certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. My partner and I own a business called Breathe and Believe. We focus on the power of our minds and breath to overcome life’s challenges and increase our overall wellbeing. We do in person and online breathwork sessions, workshops, and mentoring. We are based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We have witnessed profound physical, mental, and spiritual healing as a result of harnessing the breath.

I am passionate about teaching people how the mind-body-spirit connection works. We have vast potential for self-healing, but our lifestyles and conditioning have cut us off from that power. I teach people how to reconnect to that power.

I plan on utilizing Oxygen Advantage to help my fellow humans understand how to use life force energy (prana) to reconnect with themselves and their purpose in this life. The breath serves as the path to find truth within so they can be reminded of all the power they hold. The breath is a vehicle that allows stuck energy to dissolve and release.

I love to work with individuals who are ready and willing to dedicate themselves to getting to the root cause of the difficulties they face. Individuals who have been through a lot in their lives and are ready to transform themselves into the fullest expression of who they were sent here to be are some of my favorite clients. I believe we can change this planet for the better by harnessing our prana to heal and reconnect.

Youtube: Breathe and Believe

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