Alena Borykava


  • Georgia


Hi everyone! My name is Alena Borykava, I’m 26 now and was born in Belarus, but right now live in Batumi (Georgia).

I’ve been always into healthy life style, yoga, breathing exercises, consciousness and etc. In my childhood I was very good at running and my trainer always told me that the most important is breathing – rhythmic and through the nose – that was a beginning! And, actually, I have always felt that my life forever and ever will be connected to the wellbeing and awareness. And across the practice I really enjoy creating an experience, emotion & stress awareness within the body, and, of course, the science side are the base of my practice.

I’m teaching breathwork to improve stress relief, the quality of life & sleep, body awareness, wellbeing, health overall.

I do online and offline practices, please, check my social media for more information!

Love you!

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