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Alessandro Romagnoli


Martial artist since my early childhood: Kick Boxing (10 years), Judo (7 years), Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (8 years), Sports in general constituted one of the strongest pillars of my life. Even if sport includes a wide array of dimensions highly correlated between each other; psychology and meditation became my favourite fields of work before I turned them into my profession.

I work as psychologist specialized in Cognitive Neuroscience with two post-graduate diplomas:
one in Clinical Neuropsychology
one in Psychosomatic Medicine.
I’m actually specializing in Neuropsychological Cognitive Psychotherapy.

My scientific background gave me the possibility to develop a strong knowledge in psychophysiology and have a 360-degree approach to a vast typology of people: from patients with strong psychiatric conditions to high level/ professional athletes (MMA, marathoners, K1, Rugby, Olympic Fencers, …) and military special forces.

However, I’ve discovered a gap in my studies during my university thesis about Mindfulness and the Wim Hof method between the “body and the mind” which was breathing. This is why I’ve decided to be enrolled as a :
Wim Hof instructor;
YogaForBJJ Instructor in (first in Italy):
Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Before being capable to work on performance (managing emotions, beliefs system, resilience, flow effect, attitude, negative/positive self talk, motivation, mindfulness) or fast recovery (breathing exercise, PMR or stretching, cold exposure, etc.), my work tends to usually target my clients’ or patients’ general wellbeing as a starting baseline.

I’m located in Milan but I also teach abroad (France, Switzerland etc.).
My conferences, workshops or coaching sessions are taught in French, English or Italian.

Facebook Page: YogaForBJJ_italia