Alessandro Romagnoli


  • Italy


Martial artist since my early childhood: Kick Boxing (10 years), Judo (7 years), Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (8 years), Sports in general constituted one of the strongest pillars of my life. It will be thanks to my journey through various continents (Africa, Europe, and Middle-east) and living among various cultures for more than twenty years that I’ve decided to invest all my efforts in Psychology and Neuroscience and turned them into my profession.

I work as Psychologist Specialized in Cognitive Neuroscience with two post-graduate diplomas:
– one in Clinical Neuropsychology
– one in Psychosomatic Medicine.
– And I am actually specializing in Neuropsychological Cognitive Psychotherapy.

My scientific background alongside my clinical and research experience provided me with a well-founded expertise in Psychophysiology, Thought Processes, Breathing Techniques and Mindfulness. Thanks to my Clinical and Sport experience, I have a 360-degree approach to a vast typology of people from patients with strong psychiatric conditions to high level/ professional athletes (MMA fighters, Wrestlers, Marathoners, K1, Rugby, Olympic Fencers, Special Forces).

Moreover, I’m certified as a:
– Oxygen Advantage Master
– First generation YogaForBJJ Instructor;
– Wim Hof Instructor Trainee (attending the certification course)

Most of my sport/counselling sessions, workshops or Masterclass combine all my knowledge together in a very flexible way. Before being able to work on performance (beliefs system, resilience, flow effect, negative/positive self-talk) or fast recovery (breathing exercise, cold exposure), my work tends to usually target my clients’ or patients’ general wellbeing as a starting baseline.

I’m located in Milan but I also teach in France (Perpignan), Switzerland and abroad (online/offline)

My conferences, workshops or coaching sessions are taught in French, English or Italian.

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