Alex Croucher
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


I am Alex, I am a transformational coach focusing on mindset & mental fortitude. I work with people from all walks of life that face personal challenges. Most of my work is with athletes looking for the gains where many others ignore!

The Oxygen Advantage protocols are a key part of the training as they have so many key benefits both physically and mentally. From the way we breathe to incorporating the breath holds into your daily life. I will help you discover the ways you can make 1% gains every day without having to sacrifice time!

I work closely with clients to help them to unpick & discover their inner free speed/performance. You will spend many hours training your muscles for the next challenge, your muscles will be prepared, but have you trained your respiratory system? have you looked at your breath? this doesn’t just improve physical performance, it increases focus and your mental fortitude?

What happens when the going gets tough? when your inner voice starts questioning your ability to continue? Your breath and mindset will impact your performance in training & on race day. The extra gains you’re looking for aren’t in the latest tech, they’re inside you. To unlock your next level of performance you must look inside and enhance your breath and mindset.

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