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Parisian by birth, trainer travel lover, after 12 years in southern Brittany I am based in Saint Jean du Gars, in the middle of the Cévennes for the year 2021-2022 (Occitanie). This was during my BPJEPS Kayac training at Merlet and BPJEPS Coaching AF at Damalis. I am Naturopath from Cena Robert Masson, triathlete (IM-BF5), Wim Hof ​​Level 2 instructor and above all passionate about outdoor sports and all that one can experience there. Having had leukemia at 5 and losing my sister to leukemia at 20, I am a compelled enthusiast! lover of life and always in search of wonder.

First life making films and photos (Master 2 – University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne – Cinema — Audiovisual-UCLA). I think I keep an emotional hunter side of it, passionate about people and all forms of life. After a long hilly illness (Lyme 2012_2017), I switched back to holistic immune boosting therapies.

I specialize in physical and mental development through various practices ranging from naturopathy to exercises and conditioning methods: various breaths, hydrotherapy (including ice bath), guided meditation (Yoga Nidra), mindset (mental preparation), self-control, recovery and joy! Whether in the mountain environment (AMM creps vichy prep) or the BPJEPS immersive aquatic environment, I like to use all types of terrain according to everyone’s desires, objectives and needs. I also like urban dopamine-filled rooms where the light comes from inside! I consider myself a happy sore loser always looking to make something better.

I met the Oxygen Advantage method in December 2018 through my Wim Hof ​​training in Poland. There was a certain Leo Daniel Ryan who was an Oxygen Advantage instructor and who worked with Patrick MC Keown. Being myself in search of sports improvement, it did not take long to persuade me after 5 days of intensive testing. I immediately took the OA train with Patrick Mc Keown in 2019 then Leonardo Pelagotti in 2021.

My universe is 1/4 based on the use of naturopathy to help treat Lyme disease but also to help all people thrive: Food, Sleep, Physical Exercise, Personal and professional development. 1/4 on individualized sports coaching, 1/4 in the form of various internships (Wim Hof, OA, Naturopathy) and 1/4 to enjoy life! (Even if I often take the opportunity to discover new things or to update myself. We don’t change!).

Specifically, I have noticed that anyone (without major medical problems to be determined) after 4 to 6 weeks of assiduous individualized practice (BOLT SCORE) of the OXYGEN ADVANTAGE method (1H / day) obtains considerable results on their breath (greater tolerance to CO2, less shortness of breath at the same level of effort). The applications of this method are of course oriented competitive sport and amateur sport but coming from the Buteyko method they also have their place in a program of health, stress management and personal development.

I am in a process for both dummies and good people at the same time with the intimate and facetious feeling of being both! If you are not afraid of change then see you soon!

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