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Ali Beikzadeh


My name is Ali, from Sydney, Australia. I am 26 years of age and currently working within the Civil and Safety Engineering industry. However, I am making a change of careers to the conservation and healthcare sector. Over the past two years I have been thoroughly intrigued by the anatomy of the breath. And as such I have been reading a great deal on the work of Patrick, Buteyko and many other successful practitioners of the Pulmonary system. It has also been a pleasure to be involved with several water sports such as freediving over the past 3 years. It was originally through being an avid freediver where I found the true power of the breath and decided to read into the deeper science.

As a child I had severe asthma, hyperactivity, frequently lacked concentration, suffered from a deviated septum and was unsurprisingly a chronic mouth breather not only during the day but also during my sleep. Unfortunately, I was another testament to the wrong guidance by doctors. Just like Patrick, nobody ever taught me to breathe through my nose.

It was only through years upon years of frequent swimming where my asthma started to fade away, but I was still unconscious of the correlation between short breath holds during swimming and curing asthma. Up until two years ago before discovering the Oxygen Advantage, I was still a mouth breather not getting the adequate sleep at night.
Today, I feel my sleep is sufficient, I am much calmer and more concentrated during my day-to-day activities and I often practice meditation, yoga and of course freediving. My BOLT score is 30 and still improving.

It is specifically because of my own experience throughout much of my life, that I want to expose the right information and seek to help many others with the pulmonary issues we face today in the western world.

My primary objective is to work with clients face to face from Sydney, Australia. And the range of clients can be from teenagers to young adults to midlife individuals. I am looking forward to commencing this long journey to not only help others, but also to improve on myself, my knowledge and of course my breath.