Ali Beikzadeh


  • Australia


Ali resides in Sydney, Australia and is an avid freediver, adventure traveller and blogger. He is passionate about creating deep connections with the natural world and advocating for conservation. It is without a doubt that conscious breathwork has played a significant role in achieving not only milestones in his life, but to also be a much calmer, happier individual.

As a child he suffered from asthma, hyperactivity, frequently lacked concentration, had a deviated septum and was unsurprisingly a chronic mouth breather not only during the day but also during his sleep. It was only through years upon years of frequent swimming where his asthma started declining. And up until two years ago before discovering the Oxygen Advantage, he was still a mouth breather, which resulted in the inadequate sleep at night.

It was of course through his persistence in conscious breathwork that Ali was able to overcome his frequent ailments and unlock his true potential.

Today, Ali’s sleep is sufficient, he is more concentrated during day-to-day activities and often practices meditation, yoga and of course freediving. It is specifically because of his own experience throughout much of his life, that Ali wishes to help many other individuals that are suffering from the respiratory issues we face today in the modern world.

His primary objective is to work with clients one on one in person within Sydney (can also be done online) that suffer from modern day ailments such as inadequate sleep, stress, anxiety, asthma, snoring, sleep apnea and more. He is a firm believer in conscious breathwork, naturopathy and mindfulness as ways in harvesting one’s sublime potential.

Breathe Better, Live Better!

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