Alice McCrae


  • Scotland



I’ve been teaching Pilates full time for over fifteen years and find my job incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

However, having developed asthma in my thirties I became reliant on medication to control it. When my youngest of three children was hospitalised with breathing issues, I starting researching other solutions and I came across the Buteyko method.

The results were immediate and long lasting (providing you commit to change your breathing habits!) and I’ve been free of medication for a few years now and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt with others. As a working mum of three I’m fully aware of time constraints and am all for incorporating breath work into a daily routine whenever possible.

I qualified as a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner in 2021 and further qualified as an Advance Oxygen Advantage Instructor in 2023 as I was keen to learn more about using Breathwork to improve sports performance.

My Pilates classes have evolved to incorporate Oxygen Advantage Breathwork within them, I find the two disciplines are very complementary. I hill run, open water swim and mountain bike and I’m very interested in how we can use the breath within these disciplines to improve our fitness and also to fully enjoy them and protect our health while we’re training. Calming the breath is incredibly important when you cold water swim.

I teach online and in person at my studio in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

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