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Human beings is like an equation with many unknowns; physical and mental state are completely interconnected. We cannot reach a solution when we ignore even one of it. Or we only reach temporary solutions. I experience both physical and spiritual freedom with all the training I have received and included in my life, especially yoga, breath and meditation and I also try to share my experiences with the trainings I give. Perhaps this is the most important feature of the trainings I give: Experiencing…

My Background;

As Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500/ RPYT), I am an experienced yoga instructor and train International Certified Yoga Instructors. In my yoga school, 200 hours of basic teaching (RYS200), 300 hours of advanced teaching (RYS300) training and also Prenatal yoga teacher training (RPYS) are provided. You can reach my school registered with Yoga Alliance at

I received training on asana, bandha, breathing, pranayama, meditation, chakra system, yoga philosophy and anatomy from many valuable teachers of the Eastern and Western schools. To briefly state, my yoga infrastructure consists of a wide variety of yoga schools; bihar school, viniyoga, iyengar, ashtanga yoga and kriya yoga.

I have a wide range of knowledge, especially about breathing, that I have experienced by combining eastern wisdom and western science. I myself experience the part where I discover how the breathing we try to achieve with yoga actually serves us and how this breathing habit can be invited to our whole life, not just limited to the time we do yoga. In fact, I am bringing to light more of what yoga masters have been telling about essence of breath for many years and making it usable. In this context, I came across Patrick Mckeown, who gave me very parallel information to what I had obtained through my experiences. As a result of my research, I have determined that Oxygen Advantage is the most powerful system for natural breathing, based on my knowledge and experience so far, both scientifically (biochemically), practically (biomechanically), and psychologically. Additionally, the things Patrick has been trying to do for many years and his selfless efforts made me want to support him. That’s how I became an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor. It is necessary to spread valuable informations about breathing to the world. Herein truly lies the foundation of the salvation of the world. I hope I can contribute in the best possible way.

I am also a Balanced Body-Full Comprehensive Pilates Instructor (CPT) and also a Master Pilates Instructor with the title NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher), which is recognized and respected as a pilates instructor all over the world. You can access my membership here.

I am especially an expert in functional (movement) anatomy and I use this expertise in creating safe exercises, therapeutic exercise, yoga, pilates, fitness and even breathing exercises.

I teach both online and face to face and I would especially like to work with yoga, pilates, fitness instructors and other professionals working on functional anatomy. I believe that accurate and useful information can spread faster through instructors. First of all, instructors’ knowledge about breathing should change and they should experience it themselves so that their students can adopt it more. Stereotypes and dysfunctional information about breathing must now change.

I took a break from my university life, which I started with Industrial Engineering, and then completed my bachelor degree as a Textile Engineer. I worked as a Textile Engineer in large corporate companies in Turkey for many years. I was also a Microsoft Hardware Systems Engineer.

I have many national and international instructorships that I still use in my life, some of which helped me reach yoga, and some of which involve the human energy body and subconscious system, which I acquired later. These are;
–Personal Transformation Expertise (Kadir Has University)
–Life Coaching (Sola Unitas)(My Niches: Relationship Coaching and Executive Coaching)
–Energy EFT Master Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique – Trainer: Sandra Hillawi)
–Modern Energy Foundation (Instructor: Silvia Hartman)
–NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming – Instructor: Philip Holt, one of Richard Bandler’s first instructors)
–Access Bars (Instructor: Gary Douglas & Dain Heer – Özlem Akbaş)
–Ho’oponopono System (Mabel Katz, Joe Vitale)
–Jean Andrienne Purification System
–Human Design (Chetan Parkyn, Karen Curry)

This road is a road that will never end… However, it can always evolve for the better if we want it and make enough effort. Hoping to walk this path together and contribute to each other…Namaste.

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