Amalia Gavriiloglou


  • Greece
I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t moving my body in any way possible.

I am a seeker of adventure and always was.

Through Yoga, breathwork and Thai massage I found a way to ground myself and connect my mind to my body!

Our mind and our breath are irrevocably linked. By simply understanding how the breath connects the mind and the body you can change both your mental and your physical state by consciously changing the way you breathe.

My aim is to help my clients and my students understand this connection as well!

Through my teachers and my peers, I try to gain as much knowledge as possible so I can guide my students and clients to move their body and breathe in the most efficient and safe way possible.

I currently live in Paros Island, Greece and I offer yoga classes, Thai massage and Functional breathing training both live and online.

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