Amanda Bauer
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As a lifelong learner and science nerd, my passion is empowering others to give themselves permission to become the best version of themselves. After studying Theater at UCLA and Greek at UW Madison and a decade without purposeful movement I stumbled upon the joyful sport of kettlebells and running.  I became a student and a follower of the Oxygen Advantage after becoming anxious and restless during normal training sessions. I couldn’t understand why I felt so hyper and yet performed so poorly. After adjusting to nasal breathing and understanding the science behind breath my own training flourished.

I currently reside in Madison, Wisconsin. I offer my services both virtually as well as in person. I often coach recreational runners as well as clients looking to bring ease and comfort to their everyday lives. Whether you are 17 or 87; pain, injury and fatigue are not inevitable outcomes of sports or the trials of your life. I offer a neurological and scientific-based perspective for all humans. Applied functional breathing techniques, and getting back to the basics of movement are just a couple of tools that I teach to guide my everyday athletes back to a life of happy, comfortable movement. So, if you are having trouble catching your breath walking up a flight of stairs, or if you’ve hit a plateau in your running career let me help you Breathe Better to Do Better. First Step: Close Your Mouth.

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